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ES-1 help: shorting the power
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Author ES-1 help: shorting the power
So I finally got around to trying the ES-1.

Weird stuff happening. I am using a fireface 800. I set it all up in Logic and hook stuff up normally, but whenever I plug a cable from the output of the soundcard to the input of the ES-1( so as to control,say, the pitch), the power cuts from this PSU. Initially I thought it to be a power issue, or a soundcard issue, but the same thing happened when trying on a completely different machine, with Pro tools and an mbox2. And I'm pretty sure the power is fine.

Any ideas?
Ouch. Not quite clear what 'this PSU' is though - could you clarify?
Yes, sorry. A bit late last night.

I tried isolating the problem, so that the modules used (ES-1, oscillator and output-module) were the only modules powered by this one PSU. The oscillator outputs and all is dandy until I plug a jack from the fireface OUT to the ES-1 jack in. The power then cuts from all the modules (ES-1, osc and output) so no sound is heard, obviously. The power returns when the jack is removed from the ES-1.

We thought it might be different issues with the soundcard setup, but recreating the problem on two different soundcards on two different computers kind of eliminates this possibility.

Does this make any sense?
Could you try

- all 8 inputs to the ES-1
- just a jack lead not connected at the other end.
We tried some of the inputs, not all I think. maybe 5 or 6 of them (not at the studio, so no chance to try it out right now).

It doesn't short when the jack is not connected to anything.
I forgot to say, it's running on 15v, which I'm sure was okay?
It should be fine at 15V, but I have no way of testing that myself.

You should probably double check your power connections.

Have you made any other modifications to fit your non-Eurorack system?
No other modifications, and I'm pretty sure the power is fine.

It really is quite strange.
Could it be some sort of grounding issue?

I use banana-jacks, so all my PSUs share common ground. So I thought maybe the fact that the soundcard has it's own PSU NOT sharing ground with the other PSUs could matter. But it still shorts even when nothing else is hooked up. Just the PSU to module, and fireface to ES-1. I guess that rules that possibility out.
You could try the ground lift jumper on the ES-1.

Also, give the ES-1 a careful inspection, looking for solder bridges or similar.
Thanks! I'll give those a shot tomorrow.
Lifting the ground worked, apparently. At least it fixed the shorting problem.

However, there doesn't seem to be any voltage coming out of the ES-1. Could it have been fried by 15v? Is there any way to check if it's working?

We have tried all the inputs and outputs. The multimeter registers voltage out of my fireface and into the es-1 but none coming out.
15V should be fine, really.

You can get the schematic from the ES-1 user manual page.

- Make sure all the ICs are getting +15V and -15V on their power pins.
- Trace the signal through a channel, and find where the voltage stops.
Was this ever resolved? I'm planning to run Silent Way w/Logic out from a Fireface 800 to an ES-1 (though with my Eurorack setup) and I'm curious as to what caused this issue?
It's being resolved as we speak.

The likely culprit was a bad power cable. This combined with a ground cable for another module likely fried some ics. The ics have now been replaced, but still no luck. At least now the whole system doesn't short itself, but still no juice coming out of the the ES-1.
So, someone with more electronic skills than myself is looking for other destroyed components.

I will let you all know how it turns out!
Ouch. Best of luck to you!!!!
As it turned out, it was just the ICs that needed replacement.

It turned out that we had overlooked something really rather embarassing when testing the ES-1 after changing the ics (hint: The phones-control on the mbox2 ALSO controls the rear-outputs). very frustrating

Anyway, all is good now, and it will be put to some fine use soon... w00t
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