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Quadraphonic....why not ?
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Author Quadraphonic....why not ?
I’ve done a lot of modular quad concerts over the past 5+ years, most recently using the Poltergeist since its release (it’s expensive, but worth every penny) - lots of good points and tips above - I’ve been fortunate to mostly work in good rooms with nice systems, but one cheap/easy trick is using the “alt” outs on a Mackie mixer to feed two of the four channels.

I also recommend the Toppobrillo Mixiplexer and Intellijel planar for not prohibitively expensive quad routing/panning.

I don’t have one, but I imagine you could use a couple Make Noise RxMx to do quad, too.

p.s. I would also say that learning how to make quad panner patches in either pd or supercollider (both free software) is another low-cost (financially, anyway) way to get into quad.
Phil999 wrote:
Although I'm not sure if we're talking about the same mixer. The Mackie 1640 doesn't have Mute Button's Alternate 3/4 out like the 1604. Anyway, not important.

Right you are - I have a CR1604 which is quite different.
The Grump
I guess the first thing to ask is this: how do you mix in stereo, personally? Do you just use panning laws to place your sounds, or do you apply delays and attenuate certain frequencies? Do you use m/s processing? Do you do weird shit like dividing single sounds into several clusters of frequencies per side and move those around? Do you use Ambisonics? There are no hard and fast rules, you just figure out what works and use that.
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