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Mahogany Rush (Frank Marino)
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Author Mahogany Rush (Frank Marino)
Rex Coil 7
Bad ass song ... "Tales of the Spanish Warrior" 1975. All of the weird FX are Frank's guitar. One of the most fantastic guitar players ever. He takes us out of the song with a totally insane extended guitar solo. The drumming is amazing.

Juggernaut and Strange Dreams were regular party jams growing up.

World Anthem was psychedelic synthesis:

Rex Coil 7
Man ... I'm just totally diggin on Mahogany Rush ... yet another Canadian talent ... simply excellent music. The writing is great, the lyrics are great, the vocals are great, Frank's guitar skills are worthy of study.


Frank is a Gibson SG devotee (since forever, and still today) ... I built a black SG several years ago (Warmoth parts). Used Seymour Duncan "59s" pickups ... similar to the PAFs. It so happens that Frank's SGs are loaded with PAFs .... y'know, cuz of coincidental stuff ... ahem. whut!?

umma gumma
Frank is a monster guitar player, he also builds all his own amps!

I think his SG has strat pickups in it?
Rex Coil 7
umma gumma wrote:
Frank is a monster guitar player, he also builds all his own amps!

I think his SG has strat pickups in it?
Utterly possible. All I know is what ~WIKI~ told me I must believe, which is he used (uses?) PAFs in his SG.

He's got this thing he does that makes his guitar riffs sound like they're being recorded and played back in reverse. But it's just the way he manipulates the volume knob with is playing.

I think you said it best .. "Frank is a monster guitar player" .. yea, I can dig it.

I'm lovin' the music, that's certain!

Rockin' Banana!
umma gumma
here is a more recent clip, he still plays live occasionally:

Rex Coil 7
... daaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyeeeemm .... oh yea baby ... that's duh stuff right there man ... killer!

Seems you were spot on .... that there is a Strat ... well ... an SG body, with the short/fat Gibson set neck (aka glued on neck), with a complete transplant of Strat pickups/controls/bridge. Gibson necks have a shorter scale and a wider neck than Fenders. Some say (like me) that Gibson necks are easier to play, partially due to reduced string tension (created by the shorter scale). There's also a little more space between the strings because the Gibson neck is a sniff wider than the Fender neck. As thick as Frank's fingers appear to be, it may be that he finds it easier to ~riff~ with a little more space between the strings.

Then there's ~teh sownd~ .... the combination of the Gibson scale, Gibson mahogany body (which that body was clearly made of), and mahogany "set neck" construction, combined with the Strat-type pickups/5-way pickup switch/3-knob control set you get that singing midrange which single coil pickups are well known to produce, along with the thicker midrange component that mahogany is well know for. The Strat-style "whammy" bridge is also part of the tone. Even if the player never used the tremolo bar the tonal component that the tremolo bridge brings becomes part of the "stew".

I don't believe I've ever seen an SG decked out like that before. "StratSG" maybe?

I think of the body shape, neck/scale length, and fretboard as "the mechanical interface" between the electricals (pickups, stomp-boxes, amps) and the human being. What Frank has there is the Gibson interface with Fender guitar electronics. I've seen truckloads of it done the other way 'round ... Fender body/bolt-on neck and Fender scale length/neck width ... with "Gibson" electronics (humbucking dual coil pickups). But I cannot recall seeing it done with Gibson body/set-neck and Gibson scale length/neck width and Strat pickups/electronics and tremolo bridge.

I'd not be surprised if it has been done, even many times. But it's something I've not seen myself before.

Super interesting hybrid, very custom, very personal combination to suit his style and sound. Many players hold the Strat volume/tone control placement on high because of the convenient location of those controls. That makes sense with Frank since he uses the tone and especially volume controls regularly in the style he's developed. Kinda like how Jeff Beck uses the volume/tone controls quite a bit, along with the tremolo bar (and regular use of a ring modulator) to produce his sound.

Excellent song! I'm definitely adding more ~Frank~ to my music list!!

Thanks man. thumbs up
umma gumma
I think Gibson should make a Frank Marino signature SG: that is way more unique than most of their sig models

and super practical as well.

maybe now that the asshat ( Henry J ) who used to run Gibson is gone, they will do some good things. Remember the Hendrix guitar they tried making, a couple years a go? what a joke that was. A Marino SG would be infinitely better, and cooler
Rex Coil 7
Holy shit man! I've been listening to these for a few days, and I've found much to like on Frank's website. The first track on the 2nd album you posted is just sick! "psychedelic synthesis" is right! Just great stuff man.

Thanks so much for putting these up! I'll be buying as many FMMR albums/CDs as I can over the next year.

I'm SO SO SO glad that I didn't discover him when I was in my teens (1970s) .... because I get to discover him now! And just when I thought there was nothing like this to be discovered again after having actually lived in the 70s as a high schooler.

When Joe Satriani came out in the late 1980s ... it sortof scratched the itch, but not really. Joe's style of music and playing style is just not anything like Frank Marino ... nowhere even near it.

Thanks again.

MindMachine wrote:
Juggernaut and Strange Dreams were regular party jams growing up.

World Anthem was psychedelic synthesis:

I saw Frank Merino and Mahogany Rush somewhere around the late 1970's or 1980 range. They were the opening act for the another band and they blew the main act off the stage. He put on an incredible show with some amazing playing. A lot of people left before the main act was over because they couldn't touch Frank's playing.

we're not worthy
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