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CLOSED Group Buy: CONEC 21P connectors, male & fem 4 voc
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Author CLOSED Group Buy: CONEC 21P connectors, male & fem 4 voc
The Elektor Vocoder project (see build and order threads:

...requires some headers that have been a challenge to find in or even shipped to North America. They are 21P 41617 headers by CONEC, part numbers 101E10099X and 102E10079X. Mouser has some small stock of female headers with a different plating (102A10079X) but has no males, and most US sellers (Digi Key, Arrow, etc etc) either don't stock either type at all or have no stock on hand with either plating. To make things worse, they typically list them as DIN 41612 which is just wrong. There are numerous European suppliers, but the only one I could find with any male stock that would ship to the US was TME, and they only had 9. Other suppliers in Europe had both, but didn't ship to the US.

I spoke with a sales person for CONEC in the US, with the idea of possibly coordinating a group buy. He was very helpful, and gave me this information:

The 101E10099X is $1.85 from them at quantities from 100 to 999 (which is pretty much where we'd land if 7 or more people want to participate). He does not have that stock over here, and he needs to contact the factory in Germany about lead times. I expect to hear back about this the week of 11/26.

I unfortunately didn't immediately think to ask him about the females, so I have emailed him to add that to my request (prices and lead times for the female part).

We did not discuss shipping costs.

He would have to have a written PO to get them, so I'd have to do some juggling to figure out how to do that, or possibly coordinate with someone like Synthcube (with whom I've worked for a long time on other projects) to actually make the purchase. Initial contact with Synthcube has been made so this seems likely to be the best course.

SO: This is a thread to gather a list of those who are interested in buying 15 male and 15 female headers, primarily for use with the Elektor Vocoder project. Not going to order larger or smaller numbers, or just males/just females. I do not yet know precisely what cost will be, as I am waiting on those details. I hope to land somewhere around $4/$5 per set, but we'll have to see. (Final cost will include packaging costs as well, and I think in this case we're best off charging actual shipping).

Primary target audience are those building the vocoder in North America/western hemisphere, but I don't intend to exclude anyone overseas. I just figure shipping from the US to the US & Canada is going to be a lot more economically feasible than shipping US to elsewhere for parts that may already be more easily accessible elsewhere (e.g. Europe).

So far the interest list gathered from the vocoder's build thread, enough to make this viable, are:

Synth Con Meo

adding jersupereq
adding pixelforest

(I don't count because I was impatient and ordered females from Mouser already :-D )

Please speak up here if you are also interested, I'll track who's on board, post the details about cost, etc.

EDIT: this is now a group buy thread, please speak up if you would like a set of 15 male and 15 female headers for the Elektor Vocoder project. Total for US shipments is $65, elsewhere in the world if you're interested we can talk offline about the difference.
any updates on this
Unfortunately I have not heard back from the guy at CONEC. He was going to be gone the week after Thanksgiving, I will have to ping him on Monday.

Thank you for your patience.
Ok, finally news. Again, I apologize for the delay.

I had misunderstood my discussion with the CONEC rep previously; the factory minimum order is 250 count (for each part). That would need 17 people, not 7. Since there aren't already 105 of either part in the CONEC warehouses on this side of the Atlantic, that would be what we would need to make this go.

I think getting reasonably close to 17 (e.g. 14, 15) would probably be enough, if there are that many people interested. Some extra stock won't hurt.


Or another possibility arises:

TME now has >200 in stock of each type. In quantities of 100+ that's $2.06 for the female and $1.40 for the male, which is *cheaper* than what I was quoted from the US CONEC rep. (his quote was $1.85 for 100+ for the male connectors).

Shipping to me last time I ordered from TME was only $10 for UPS. Now, 210 assorted headers is going to weigh more, so maybe more like $20 or $25, but I don't anticipate it being a deal breaker. Shipping from me to continental US is likely to be around $7.50 in a small flat rate box (which they should easily fit). Rounding up a little that gives about $65 a set.

If that works for y'all I can go ahead and order the TME stock before someone in Europe scoops me wink
TME sounds good to me.
I'd be interested in joining the buy
I'd be interested in joining the buy
Agree, TME sounds fine.
TME for me
jersupereq wrote:
I'd be interested in joining the buy

I'll add you to the list shortly.

Consensus seems to favor TME, I'll go ahead and order and confirm pricing and my paypal address via PMs.
There is one source of uncertainty in shipping costs; this is enough in one go that it might be subject to import duties. Typically that's not known until UPS delivers to me. I'll keep everyone posted what that looks like.

I ordered a set from TME. Shipping was DHL Air and the cost was $9.90. It arrived very quickly.
We shall see how it goes, they've been ordered.
Sounds good
Ok, PMs are sent.

The message assumes the following things:

USD for payment
paypal friends & family please; if you're not comfortable with that, we can discuss options
You live in the continental US

If I've missed that you live somewhere else please let me know asap.

There are more than 8 sets coming to me, if someone else is interested, just ask. I'll add a message when everything is spoken for.
I also forgot to mention: anything through paypal should reference your handle here, so I know who is who smile
possible to jump on this still? need to start gathering the parts for my build.
Yes it is definitely possible. I'll add you to the list at the top and send you a PM.
UPS is supposed to deliver by end of day Friday. It's in Philadelphia today so that seems feasible.

I've reviewed their information about import duty, and up to $800 is supposed to be no charge. This was not that much, so fingers crossed that my worries about import charges are unfounded.

Hopefully on Saturday I'll be able to be 100% certain.

I'm going to be out of town for the holiday from Monday through Thursday, so it will be end of Dec/early Jan before I can get these out to people.

We have connectors!

No sign of extra import duties either, so..... I will PM again and for anyone who didn't already pay the $65, go ahead now.
PS: as noted, it will be late next week before I can start getting these together. The mfr packaging doesn't include any foam, so I need to make up my mind if I get some foam to stick them into or if I wrap them up in bubble wrap.... They'll be going flat rate small box, so it is sturdy but I don't want them banging around against each other either.
Amazing update thumbs up thank you so much for looking after this... now go enjoy the holidays : Guinness ftw!
Well done !!!

Ok, everyone who's listed here is paid, I'm home from my holiday trip; I am having some homeowner issues (toilet repairs.....) which may delay me some, but I will try to get this packaged for shipping asap.
Ok, everything packed. I have an additional 4 sets which I will hold onto until everyone is confirmed as receiving their headers (in case I need to supply any replacements due to loss etc).

The remainder after that will be sold to Synthcube, so if someone comes along to this thread some time in the future and needs these headers, please contact them. I'll post again when all is done so you know where that cutoff is -- I'll be happy to sell any of these additional sets up until that point.

I still need to generate shipping labels, that should be in the next day or two, so these should all be in the mail shortly after the first (except for the person who asked that I hold theirs until the 4th).

One word of warning: the original packing was not very kind to some of the female headers, their pins are kind of thin. Whenever I saw a problem I straightened the pins with my pliers, but I make no promises that I caught all of them. Please inspect them carefully before stuffing them into your boards. The male headers don't have the same problem, their pins are all a fair bit more sturdy.

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