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tiny usb-powered usb audio line input?
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Author tiny usb-powered usb audio line input?

can anyone recommend a physically small usb audio interface that is only usb powered? I've got this little 42hp portable eurorack setup and would like to be able to plug it directly into my computer for recording, and not involve my big 16 channel mixer/interface. Spending lots of time making music on the couch since I have a newborn.

bonus points if it can handle euro levels without external attenuation. No need for mic inputs so that whole "quality of preamp" thing can mostly be ignored

Like this kinda thing I guess: e/dp/B014ANW4VU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1543084499&sr=8-3&keywords=usb+ audio

Since I already have a Rosie maybe I'll just try getting one of these for the purpose
An alternative would be to add a 4ms Wave Recorder module to your rig and just record it all in the rig. It may be over your budget at over $200, but it sure is dead simple to use for great audio recording.
Thanks for the suggestion. Budget isn't an issue but hp is. I think for now I'll use the little interface I have for my iPhone and see if it is good enough quality to use.

I have a disting mk4 that could do it but it's always busy doing something else in this rack smile
th0mas wrote:
Like this kinda thing I guess: e/dp/B014ANW4VU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1543084499&sr=8-3&keywords=usb+ audio

Note that a lot of those ultra-cheap USB adaptors are mono input only (as I discovered after buying a couple of them for a project...), if that matters to you.
A number of people have mentioned using the Behringer UCA202 interface.
I use a Keith Mcmillen K-mix.
Focusrite Solo or 2i2?
I've got a small one, I'm not sure it even has a brand on it but I use for a dj program that needs two sound cards.

However, if you have a laptop (or desktop with a sound card with an input and output) it's exactly the same as the external sound card, you need to go into the settings and perform some internal attenuation to get the levels right. Computer settings are not intuitive so you might need to tweak several settings to get an undistorted sound.

Also they all have stereo inputs, so you'll either need to rearrange the channels after recording or use some kind of adapter cable.

On the other hand that might not work. I record directly to sound card, but I use a mixer and have to lower it much lower than 0dB, minus something for sure. The multi-channel fancier external sound card I have also won't take higher levels, for what it's worth.
Get an external SD recorder, be free from your computer while jamming.
On the other hand, maybe you can use a VCA with a knob to attenuate.
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