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MATH how to sync CYCLE to gate CV?
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Author MATH how to sync CYCLE to gate CV?
Hey there!

Was wondering how would I go about syncing the math cycle to a static pulse?
How about cycling channel 4 and using its EOC as your static pulse?
You mean, like, turning your MATHS into a clockable lfo?

You can't do that, as far as I know. You can turn the cycling on or off,
by a gate signal, and you can adjust the rise and fall at the same time
with CV, just like you would use the v/oct input on a oscillator.

you might be able to fake it a bit tho, by using the trigger input on the top
and using a longer fall time and a relatively quick rise. it won't be
too flexible tho.
Usually if your cycle is in progress, another trigger to channel 1 or 4 won't do anything.

So mult your clock signal to both the channel 1 trigger input and the channel 2 input. Turn channel 2's level all the way up, and patch channel 2's output to channel 1's Both input.

Now, when the clock goes high, it will cause Both to go to max, which makes the rise and fall times really short (effectively ending the current cycle), allowing channel 1 to be re-triggered immediately.

You still need to select appropriate rise and fall times (via panel or CV), but this roughly approximates a clock-syncable LFO.

Edit: Note that cycling is turned off for channel 1 in this patch. You're using the clock to keep it going.
thanks guys ! appreciate this :-)
it shouldnt be hard to tune the envelope to the right length that feeding a steady clock pulse to the trig in should give you what you want: it oughta reset during the fall, but not during the rise

if the clock changes tempo often you might wanna sequence cv to maths (both input probably easiest) so that your envelopes will change with the tempo
Hi New in the forum. Sorry to revive the topic, but I can't post new topic.
So I tried to find one which is kind of close to my question. This one seams to be the best because that's exactly what I'm trying to do.

So here is my question:

I have minibrute 2s, i'm trying to use the trig input of math with a gate coming from the sequencer of the MB.

If I use the 2nd sequencer track, which is set to gate by default and can't be changed, the trig input is working perfectly. That's great. But I want to keep this track for the synth. So I try to use another track for that.

Where I got confuse is when I set the 3rd (or 4th) sequencer track to gate (They can be set up to different things) the trig input of math doesn't pick it up ???

I have measured both signals (Track 2 and Track 3) they both output 5 Volts.

That doesn't make sense to me.

I'm completely new to modular so I may have missed something obvious.
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