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Control of CV amount with CL instruments
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Author Control of CV amount with CL instruments
For example:

PB Gong Orange Out into Coco Loop VCA (Blue Verso/Inverso)

The effect is that when the Gong triggers the Coco Loop volume increases/decreases.

My question: Is there a way to have control over the level of volume increase/decrease?

I've read about Banana cables with potentiometers/resistors but never seen one or how to diy one to test. (btw I'm no expert here) Is this a possible option.

Interested to hear thoughts on this.

Run the signal you want to control through a VCA?
There was a similar thread before and I saved it for my personal memo locally, so here am quoting it (am too lazy to search the exact thread Dead Banana )


For reducing (attenuating) voltages for Ciat-Lonbarde gear like Tetrazzi, Sidrazzi, Plumbutter, Cocoquantus, you need in-line resistors, NOT 'potentiometers' with one leg grounded. Solder together one of the end lugs with the middle lug, so it becomes a two-terminal device. A 1M audio taper pot should work well. Patch that between points. Ciat-Lonbarde outputs are like 10K and inputs as high as 1M, which makes stacking work fine without drawing too much current. Yet you can still patch to your modular and it will work!

What value pot would recommend for doing this?

A 1 Meg audio taper pot should work well. At 1 Megohm resistance, a signal will still have effect. This is why touching nodes with your fingers works. And you can dial it down to zero, where it acts like a patch cord."

If my memory serves, this was by wiggler Pugix who is generously sharing us a lot of useful and valuable information, and I hope he does not mind quoting him without asking prior (I will edit the post on a request). So, thank him! Thank you Pugix SlayerBadger!
I'm thinking about getting one of these (asking him if he could fit banana jack and make it in-line)
Thanks for the info, the faders could be a really interesting prospect. Food for thought. I will dig up the thread and have a read.
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