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Waveshaper TV Episode 2 - Bjarki (трип, bbbbbb, !K7 Records)
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Author Waveshaper TV Episode 2 - Bjarki (трип, bbbbbb, !K7 Records)
s o l v e n t
WAVESHAPER TV - Episode 2: Bjarki:

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Bjarki is the musical alias of Icelandic techno/electronic producer Bjarki R Sigurdarson, founder of the bbbbbb label, and best known as one of the key artists on Nina Kraviz’s трип (Trip) label. Bjarki scored a monster techno anthem right out of the gate, with “I Wanna Go Bang” from his debut 12-inch, but has since developed a more diverse and experimental sound. Waveshaper TV caught up with Bjarki on the outskirts of Reykjavik, joining him and a friend as they gathered sounds in Icelandic nature. After the sound hunt, Bjarki brought those field recordings back to the famous Stúdíó Sýrland, to be processed and incorporated into his new album “Happy Earthday,” just announced for release on !K7 Records early next year.

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Waveshaper TV will focus on the craft and artistry of electronic music production, musicianship, and instrument building. We're passionate about electronic music, and have made it our mission to document its story, from its iconic figures, to its lesser-known, yet compelling outsiders.
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