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Acoustic, organic, electronic synths?
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Author Acoustic, organic, electronic synths?
Sorry for the overused adjectives, but what synths are out there that have that kinda organic electronic almost acoustic like sound?
Best examples I can give as to what I'm thinking is Buchla and Haken Continuum. Haken is probably due to the way it's played.

I don't mean synths that can do acoustic sounds like romplers and so on. I mean more that weird space between electronic and acoustic.
Lyra-8 comes to mind right away.
Wow that thing is wild! Id seen the name about but not checked it out. Thanks.
I often find it's a matter of how you program it and how you control it. the tool itself matters much less.

I've gotten very buchla-esque and strange organic sounds out of my novation peak.

If you're not allergic to software synths then I'd recommend checking out the Madrona Labs Kaivo and Aalto

The OB-6 with it's state variable filter can sound very lively

Another route is effecting and manipulating very basic source material like a simple triangle wave. Complex effects chains can get very noisey and glitchy, but if done with some care... you can get some very lively organic sounds out of that

A saw wave through a real spring reverb with lots of dynamic but subtle modulation can sound heavenly organic
a pipe organ is an acoustic synthesizer

a hammond organ is electroacoustic I believe, since the oscillation is generated by the tone wheel
Maybe a Micromoog...
Not so much any particular synth but, controlling synths with MPE can yield crazy results.
orangehexagon wrote:

If you're not allergic to software synths then I'd recommend checking out the Madrona Labs Kaivo and Aalto

I'd second those, and throw in NI's Prism, as well.
With the filter settings just right, the Metasonix S-1000 can have that "kinda organic electronic almost acoustic like sound".
The Beutron can do some stuff like that. Anything with continuously variable wave shapes and a way to to modulate that with an envelope is a good candidate.
I have just began to use an MPE controller and agree that adds more expression in a way that is reminiscent of acoustic/string instruments. But it doesn’t necessarily mean the synth will sound more acoustic.

These resonators are designed to give a more organic/acoustic feel to electronic instruments:
Anything with a reverb unit enclosed first :-)
I always felt the whole Yamaha CS line sounded very acoustical. A CS-80 is about as acoustical sounding as a synth can get IMO
Bastl Soft Pop & 0-coast can give some very organic sounds, more animalistic/organic than acoustic but definitely "interesting" smile
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