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loops/ samples and field recording
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Author loops/ samples and field recording
hi everyone! I'm interested in field recordings, samples and loops and I would like to combine vocal recordings and orchestral melodies to my modular system. according to you which is the best way? is there any useful module? also any non modular gear that can help me? thanks kisses Goldfish
I've found 2HP Switch to be good for tape and cassette loops, as well as field recordings. Gives you that cut up, concrete sound, if you want it, or can just be an easy way to control different elements in realtime. But that may not be what you're after.
I've always just recorded stuff on cassette recorders, or later on Zoom H4n type digital recorders. Then dump it into the DAW and manipulate it there.
I had a brief affair with an Akai S900 or something. I forget the exact model it was years ago. It was a PITA formatting files to go on the disks and formatting the disks as well. But it sounded good.
I've more recently been thinking of getting back onto that type of workflow, but with a sampler that has more buttons and knobs. Maybe an MPC or one of the Korg electribes?
The Elektron boxes are very good but the Octatrack is not cheap, and the Digitakt has only patterns, no song structures.
I'm also not sure about sample length limits on any of those devices. But if you are talking about field recording and compositions I assume you are talking about longer, not shorter samples.
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