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Yay me or whatever.
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Author Yay me or whatever.
This is just a word of encouragement for others like me who are learning as we go with the whole DIY thing. I've had a VCO that's never quite tracked right and has made it a struggle to stay in tune when I'm jamming with friends. I was about to give up completely after my 3rd or 5th try at calibrating it and look for a manufacturer built replacement. But tonight I tried something different, altering the values in the instructions and it now tracks just fine. It's such a good feeling to have a success like that when things get frustrating. Stick with it I guess is the message.
Good on you, Addled! It's a great feeling when you're about to toss a PCB on the fire (figuratively) and the lightbulb finally goes on.
Congrats! It's all too familiar for me with all "do it yourself" endeavours as well.

Even after 15 years of tinkering with electronics, code, various materials and tools etc., a big number of projects eventually get to the seemingly dead-end point of "I'll just throw this thing to the trash and quit this hobby, this should be so simple but I can't get it right no matter how I try". And then, after giving it some time, things do eventually work out and finally there's the feeling of being rewarded for hard work.

For most projects at least...
That is such a good feeling. Well done. It’s a pride that’s hard to explain outside these circles. Take a virtual chest bump from me
As the sig on muffs says, why buy for £100 when you can make for £150.

Its cause of the great feeling when you fix something or build something all on your own.

applause from me.
ashleym wrote:
That is such a good feeling. Well done. It’s a pride that’s hard to explain outside these circles.

This! I tried sharing my excitement with the band mates who were politely congratulatory but confused by what I was rambling on about. grin

Now, what to build next?!? Rockin' Banana!
Now, what to build next?!?

everything !
Deckards Dream obv...

Cat Girl Synth
This is what I needed. Feeling rather frustrated at the moment, hoping for that success. Good on ya. SlayerBadger!
Sometimes it's necessary to step away mentally and come at it fresh another day. That was a hard lesson for me to learn! very frustrating
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