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Split midi twice with a passive cable
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Author Split midi twice with a passive cable
Anybody know if I split my midi signal twice with those passive Y cables will the signal pass to my gear just fine?
I can only partially answer you. I have two main MIDIboards, both having a y-cable out the back; one half towards my DAW, and the other to other instruments. No problems whatsoever with one split; however, adding a second one sounds a little dicey without replacing/using some sort of buffer (a Kenton box, for instance; instead of a Quadra Thru passive one). This may sound redundant, but if you;re not continuously using all the splits, you're not really halving the current thru; quartering everything sounds like a digital recipe for disaster (stuck note, hung data etc).

I'm all for the RadioShack approach (adaptors and splitter cables, vs real manufactured ones); it's how I started, and still my default. But long story short: More than one split is asking for trouble, at some point.
These are suitable for DIN SYNC but not for MIDI.

May work itermittently, but not recommended.
Spectral Tilt
Maybe look into some Midi solutions products. Something like this:
I have two of the Midi Solutions Thru boxes. They are excellent. They are powered off the 5V power that MIDI supplies natively out the port, for devices that support MIDI power delivery.

I have found the additional latency to be ignorable for my purposes.

MIDI Y cables violate the MIDI standard, and I do not recommend their use. YMMV though, the devices ought to all be decoupled via optoisolators if they are compliant, anyway.
I think drawing 5v power off a midi cable is a violation of the midi standard too.
It's not good practice, that's for sure.

Even the Quadra Thru will drop data if you're pushing much.
Upgrading to the Erika Synths 1x8 was crucial for me, as it's powered.
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