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Investing in Seaboard
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Author Investing in Seaboard
Just calling out to those that have Seaboards.

Should I invest my time into Seaboards

How does it differ in terms of control of say typical synths with after touch and how has it changed the way you play music

Which seaboard should I start with, should I buy one used?
i guess the first question is, what mpe synths do you own?

I owned one for a while but just didn't gel with it. the soft mushy keys wasn't very fun to play on for some reason.
joesdeals wrote:

Should I invest my time into Seaboards

Which seaboard should I start with, should I buy one used?

I bought the Seaboard Rise 49 AND the Seaboard Blocks some weeks ago.
since the rise49 had a Quality issue i knew from begin that the rise would have to go back anyway........
so this was my starting point.

my impressions were, while not trying the rise or block very often (please keep this in mind when reading my comment):
I found most MPE sounds i had or tryed underwhelming, exept of the sounds of Falcon ( which i have).
I downloaded the two VST-Is from FXpansion, one as demo one i got the license with the rise49.
Those had way too much presets so i just had a chance to play a few of the presets.
Online Demos show nicely that there are nice MPE sounds around, wonderfilly performable,
but my "feel" is that it would take quite some time to get to that level of playstyle and expression.
The first thing here to mention: just find the good sounds first ! lol

well, Falcons MPE Sounds are really awesome from the feel how they are to play, but it has not many MPE sounds onboard and just 2-3 or 4 were doing it for me,
and for those sounds was the small seaboard block kind of good enough for me and my play skills, since i playing these sounds just duophonic.
well, lets say it so: these few sounds were not worth it for me to keep the rise49 ( since there is also some studio space issues involved)

a major draweback for me was also the playability of Pianoteq thru the rise49.
even with adjusting the parameters in the Roli software thing ( and anyway adjusting the velcity response in Pianoteq) was the triggering of the piano sounds way below what i hoped it would be.
( ofcourse also a thing of playstyle and preferences)

the play feel overall of the Roli keys was very fine to me, at least with the Sounds from Falcon.
It was in fact just a dream to play those sounds ! extremly subtle control was possible.
felt like massaging a Cat, hihi wonderful ! really. ( but this doesn´t mean that the music was good lol )

any other software i tryed was feeling way less so *for me* vs. Falcon !
So the UVI Falcon proved for me that the Roli keyboard technology as such is working wonderfully........its a dream coming thru.
but man, since i had to send the rise back anyway, ....will i take the refund ( vs. a replacement).
there are just not enough good enough sounds there to justifie the expense *for me* and more so to motivate me enough to spend the required time to dive deeper into playing with a Roli.

personally i just don´t have the nerves and Time to dig thru hundreds of sounds in the FXpansion VST-Is when even the better ones felt (to me) way less playable and way less good "as a sound as such" vs. the Falcon VST

my musically best jamms were with the small Seaboard Block just focussing on playing one bass note and just another note an octave or so above and then manipulating the higher note vs. the lower one ( vs. playing the keys more like a synth )

so i keep the Seaboard block. it will do it for me for now.
its very affordable and i think a good starting point for those who want to check the whole Roli thing out.
so vs. my upfront thoughts i absolutely see uses for the small and affordable seabord block wink

( i mailed btw. UVI asking if they´d do a specific MPE sound packs.
......but there is nothing planned from their side right now )
wait: the OP has allready cancelled his account ? hmmm..... Ok.......
Well, someone else with the same question will get good advice when searching on this topic later. thumbs up
Funky40 wrote:
wait: the OP has allready cancelled his account ? hmmm..... Ok.......

The user was banned.
Pugilistas wrote:
Well, someone else with the same question will get good advice when searching on this topic later. thumbs up


i got the Linnstrument 200 used about a year ago and it is an awesome controller even when not playing MPE synths, especially for approaching playing in a non-keyboard way. Then when Cypher 2 came out there was a deal with Roli and I got the Rise 25 which included Equator. After only 20 minutes of playing the Roli I realized it was just too small so I swapped it out for a 49, much better for my use.

The build on both is solid, especially the Roli. But the Linnstrument and the Roli are very different feels, obviously. You can really dig into that spongy stuff on the Roli so the expressivity is inevitable, so much so that sometimes I have to really moderate my playing so as not to exaggerate the 5 midi-dimensions to the point of getting messy. I'm not really finding playing it as any kind of traditional piano-like keyboard instrument easy to master, but I'm not a good keyboard player. So far I find the Linnstrument easier to play in that regard. It's a stiffer touch so working the 5 dimensions can feel more like being expressive on an acoustic instrument. And the non-traditional layout has been helpful in getting out of certain harmonic ruts I may tend to fall into.

Sensel had their big sale a couple of weeks ago and I got the Sensel Morph, my big end of the year purchase. So far I'm a little disappointed that it's not super-usable to me right away, but i think it's really a work-in-progress. As an MPE controller it's main advantage IMO is that it has a tiny footprint and could be great in a live rig if you didn't want to lug in the Roli or the Linnstrument, but to get it to do what I'd want I'll have to write my own scripts - that won't be happening any time soon I can assure you.
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