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Stereoping for Alpha Juno 2
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Author Stereoping for Alpha Juno 2
Mind Flayer
I'm thinking of getting one of those Stereoping programmers for my Alpha Juno 2. However, here's my issue -- I control the Alpha Juno 2 with my Yamaha MX88, as the AJ is sitting on the second deck and I don't really like playing standing up (plus, a few of the keys on the very upper end of the AJ don't work consistently).

Will the stereoping work if I route things as follows via midi in and out:

Yamaha --> Stereoping --> Alpha Juno 2?
Check out the manual - this is what the midi input is for on the Stereoping controller. A lot of the synths hat they make controllers for are rack synths (tx81z etc) so they all need an external keyboard anyway.

To muddy the waters a bit - Patchbase makes a good iPad controller for the Alpha Juno if you already have an iPad. In that case you’d need a midi interface for your iPad and possibly a midi merger (to merge the iPad signal with your keyboard midi) but it’s a good option if you have an iPad and want to save some cash.
Jean Luc Cougar
I have been curious too, but haven’t tried one in the wild either.

I’m using the free VST/ AU called Alpha Juno control, the problem is that it’s dated - likely never to be updated, and 32 bit only (I’m running it in a 64 bit wrapper)

Not sure if you have Ableton Max 4 Live but I saw some editors there but the setup looked a bit fiddly
Mind Flayer
Thanks for the replies. The patchbase app is good, but I tend to like physical knobs for on the fly tweaking rather than virtual ipad knobs. I’ll have to figure out whether that’s worth the $400+ price difference.
i have a stereoping controller and it should work, if i didn't misunderstood you. at least one time, i had the following config: Midi Keyboard > Computer > another Synth > Stereoping > Alpha Juno > ect. it was possible, to play the Juno with the Midi Keyboard and also to control the Stereoping's Parameters with that Midikeyboard. the SP itself then transmitted the incoming MIDI CC's to the Juno. you can still use the SP in this configuration to control the Juno, it's not deactivated. the MIDI Clock of the DAW also goes through the Stereoping without any latency issues. at least in my case. but in a few days, i don't need the Midi thru's of my gear anymore, because i'll get a Kenton Midi Thru 5 box.
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