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Roland Jupiter 4 tuning walk thru request
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Author Roland Jupiter 4 tuning walk thru request
My Roland Jupiter 4 sounds sea sick

Nope, I just can't get the hang of the card calibration, and I am looking at section 10 in the service manual.

I have a quality Peterson Strobo Flip tuner, but the more I fiddle with the trimmer 6 and trimmer 5 ( the blue ones on the right in the third photo) on each card the worse I seem to be doing.

In particular I do not seem to be understanding the first adjustment you are supposed to do called "width" by adjusting trimmer 6.

Anyone have a step by step tuning guide seriously, i just don't get it

Or If anyone knows of a youtube link for tuning/calibrating a Roland Jupiter 4 please do share.

Thanks, applause
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