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Buchla 200e power supply replacement in Europe
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Author Buchla 200e power supply replacement in Europe

I am traveling and left my Buchla psu at home. I have been been meaning to get a backup psu for it anyway but now I need it.

Can anyone recommend a power supply that works well that is scalability
Quickly in Europe (Germany)? I need it like“tomorrow“.

Thanks a lot
Hi Kai
Do you mean the Cincon external block ?
SAmodular / Weedywhizz offers these and is in Germany :
I know the 100w Cincon he carried has been replaced by a 90w unit made by Bicker. The 50w Cincon maybe have been replaced by the smaller Bicker now too, but I'm not sure on that. apters
The Bicker units work just fine.

Cincon isn't able to ship to Europe any more for some reason.
Maybe rules have changed and power supplies +100W now have to have a 4-pin DIN connector instead of a barrel.
Beside tat - there must be something more - as no Cincons are delivered to the EU by now.
...and...I'm pretty sure that Bicker gets their PSUs from the same manufacturer....

My new batch of 6U boats - black powder coated - already have a cutout for such connectors + the classic barrel connector. Its needed for cases +18U
Thank you for the info.

So I guess this is the correct one?
[url] bet-0912-t-12-vdc-7-a-90-w-1527318.html[/url]
For future reference:

The Bicker Elektronik PSU (see link above) works well for a 12U 200e (original Buchla case).
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