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Modal CRAFTsynth v2.0
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Author Modal CRAFTsynth v2.0
You may have seen the news a bout Modal kickstarting their new tiny synth, the Craftsynth2.

The synth looks nice, quite futuristic and tiny, but, like their previous kickstarted instrument, i don't get why they put so many oscillators and no polyphony seriously, i just don't get it
Am I missing something here ?
Do you have any thoughts ?

Also, I find the sound a bit "vanilla", quite basic (very clean oscillators, no beefy filters... Of course, it can be a good thing, but when it comes to digital, i like to have it polyphonic, and i like to have the choice between clean and characterfull)...

[s][  /s]
For its size, you have to love it. Modals sound great including the original Craft. There is a lot of sound sculpting per square inch on this box including distortion, env, osc, delay, and filter tweaks. USB/app sync is a nice touch as well.
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