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techno podcasts?
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Author techno podcasts?
Blank Code is over, it seems.

From 0-1 is over, it seems.

Bunker's gone all housey.

RA seems to attract mixes designed to showcase artists' 'experimental' or 'eclectic' sides, with decidedly mixed results imo.

CLR gets a bit samey.

So what techno podcasts are you listening to??? seriously, i just don't get it
Jean Luc Cougar
Most of the time I’m looking up artists I like on MixesDB

I like the First Floor show in Red Bull Radio was which is all new releases
Every week, Santiago Salazar has a great show on Dublab, and Resident Advisors podcasts are usually good.

MixesDB and Techno Live Sets are amazing, endless sources, but what I like about curated podcasts is that I don't have to do any work hahaha.

I'll check out that dublab show for sure.
Technically not a podcast, but Boiler room converted to mp3. This way you don’t have too see the show and become hacked off with the posing when people should be dancing.
Jean Luc Cougar
I really like Dustin Zahns podcast interviewing other techno producers.

Technically it’s a radio show not a podcast but First Floor on Red Bull Radio is a fave as well. It’s badically the best new electronic releases each week.
Wax Treatment is the best techno podcast. It's the Hardwax crew.
any good websites with techno production based interviews to read? not really interested in hearing about their politics or dj gigs, but talking about gear and how they work.

Resident Advisor is hell to navigate, and usually focused on subjects i don't care about.

just to give an idea (some names that i've googled looking for)... i read a few decent ones recently with Porter Ricks, Varg, and Abdulla Rashim. anything i've read with Rrose has been crap.

i'd prefer to listen to tunes while i read, instead of listening to them talking. not looking for "playlist/dj set" podcasts myself, but will check out those mentioned above.
How about going to mixcloud and searching for your favorite DJ's? There are a lot of good LIES themed shows on there.
On my Soundcloud I follow many techno artists and only repost mixes. I made some good playlists from these mixes but below are some of my favourite channels for good DJ sets.

My Soundcloud

Speedy J - All night long at Trouw Amsterdam

Soundcloud - Invite

Soundcloud - Deep Space Helsinki

Soundcloud - Pole Group

Soundcloud - Slam

Soundcloud - Micro-fon
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