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patchbays (audio)
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Author patchbays (audio)
nothing too fancy/expensive...

my options:

Samson S-Patch Plus s

Neutrik NYS-SPP-L


opinions? experience?
witch one is more durable?
any issues to report?
I’ve had 2 Neutriks for 10 years or more, they’ve held up fine.
Dave Peck
The Samson has a feature that gives it a big advantage - the front-mounted switches to select normalled / half normalled / Through. This means you can change the setting for a channel without having to unplug and label every single frikken cable, pull it out of the rack, and remove the top cover to change internal switches or flip the boards around.

You only have to do that once to appreciate what a benefit that feature is.
only half my patch bay is connected properly because I have to pull it out of the rack to mess with the switches, which are on top, so I vote samson as well

one of these days I'll fix that, but not today
Love the thru feature on the Samson’s, but still need to test bleed and noise floor with the current setup.
My generally -unpopular- opinion: consider a proper bantham patchbay.

I know it's a pain to set up (possibly a lot of soldering, or unusual connectors), but it will last you a life time and can arranged however you want it.
anselmi wrote:

Neutrik NYS-SPP-L

I have 3, they work fine, but I agree that switches in the front could help in relatively rare scenarios...
jules wrote:
My generally -unpopular- opinion: consider a proper bantham patchbay.

I know it's a pain to set up (possibly a lot of soldering, or unusual connectors), but it will last you a life time and can arranged however you want it.

I'm planning on switching to a TT patchbay this year, because space is limited and I can fit twice as many patch points per RU. The Switchcraft 9625 offers DB25 connectors and front-panel normalling. I can't recommend it since I don't have it yet, but it certainly is appealing since it's easier to connect than a lot of pro patch bays.
I have 2 samson and they are lovely. For the price it's a no brainer
I have 2 of the Samson S-Patch Plus and yeah I like the front mounted switches!
I have a Neutrik and a Behringer. The Behringer unit is fine; the Neutrik is killer.
I know they are pricey, but I've found bantam patchbays way more reliable than 1/4" jacks. Plus if space is an issue you can get so many more patch points in a small package.
2 Samson S-Patch Pluses here too. Can't go wrong with these for the money.
I have 2 Samson S-Patch Pluses and one of those Neutriks. Both handle audio and CV well. But I’ve never tested them for noise floor or anything.
Like others, I have 2 Samson S-Patch Pluses plus a set of A-180-9 Multicore, if those count.The Samson's work just as they should and keep me from crawling under my desk. But it was quite a task to set it up in my small space.
Yup, have the Samson, LOVE IT!!! It's solid, there's a reason no one has made a competing product, they got it right! (I think this was an improvement on the behringer) kinda blurry... Samson was connected to Behringer and Sam Ash at one point if I recall. And may still be the N.A. distributor for Behringer?
I'm going to be the one person on here voting for B-Gauge ( GPO ) aren't I ? hihi

Love them - solder 'em up yourself ( including making normalling / half normalled etc jumper wires ) & they will literally last until the end of time, zero maintenance, zero issues.

TT Bantams can actually suffer from all sorts of problems, given how many conenctions are populated in such a small space - bits of wires short against connection / normalling tabs on the back...& in my experience even Neutrik / Rean ones can break within the the jack socket if given heavy use.

Go big or go home. cool No - I appreciate they're not for most people, but having spent many years wiring commercial studios for people, short of using XLR panels ( definitely the way to go for microphone input heavy set-ups I think ) B Gauge is definitely the most reliable.
This does classify as "fancy" but should check out Gheilmetti...

They use proprietary connectors and are super highly rated for things like crosstalk and connector/connection longevity. ALso can have no normalling and half normalled option per channel from the front panel which I am still getting used to.

Im using their 48 channel CSF-AV and no complaints so far. I paid like 350 bucks for mine. Their patch cables r expensive though.
3x DBX PB-48 suit me just fine.
drowld wrote:
I have 2 samson and they are lovely. For the price top casino voucher codes com a no brainer

Yeah, totally worth it.
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