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VC crossfading between two stereo sources
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Author VC crossfading between two stereo sources
The criteria I'm trying to meet:

one module, simplest, least expensive, least hp, able to crossfade between two stereo audio sources - four ins, two outs; crossfading not scanning; like a dj mixer with cv control. I want to use eurorack control voltages to crossfade external stereo polysynths. I plan to get a second gozinta to amp both synths into eurorack.

What I've learned thus far:

A-134-2 has a volume drop for audio during crossfade, so that's a no go for me.

I thought WMD/SSF Blender might be it but it only offers a mono cv crossfade.

It appears Bastl's Quattro Figaro can do exactly what I'm after but I'm concerned about its described tendency to distort - I'd like the option of doing this cleanly. If any Quattro Figaro users can speak to this concern, I'd appreciate it.

I realize I could replicate the Quattro Figaro with any four vcas, an inverter, and a stereo mixer, but I'd like to do it all in one module.

Are there any other options I'm not aware of?

Thanks in advance for any input.
Not small or cheap but the Qu-Bit synapse is great for this. I used mine as a stereo crossfader with great effect.
mapmap, I had not seen that module. Indeed, it looks great for what I'm after and more, but as you mentioned, it is neither small nor cheap.
Do we really need two threads for this topic? I recommend we continue the discussion here: ays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
My post here is different though similar to the panning thread. Panning of four inputs does require eight vcas, whereas my quest for a cv-able dj mixer in euro format would only require four vcas.

If anyone would like to respond here to my specific issue, I would appreciate it. If not, that's ok.

Quattro Figaro won't work on it's own after all. I can diy if given a panel, pcb and bom, so if anyone knows of a diy option, that would work for me. As yet I can't find what I'm looking for in one module so I'll probably get another dual vca so I don't have to use all four of my vcas just for this, and get a small stereo mixer.
It's not small, but couldn't a Happy Nerding PanMix accomplish this?
Thanks for responding, dave999z. Quite a few larger, more expensive modules would help accomplish this, but they are large and more expensive and have functions beyond what I'm looking for.
"All in one module" and "the module has no other features" are a difficult combination to satisfy.
mskala wrote:
"All in one module" and "the module has no other features" are a difficult combination to satisfy.

Understood. I think you're right. I've spent several hours looking at this point.


Or you could get there with quad VCAs / offset / inverters suchs as Blinds, the advantage being that they are useful in other contexts as well.
Just saw your comment about Quattro Figaro. Blinds would be an alternative to it, and it’s still one module
Oh man can Blinds do it all in one? Would this be the patch:

synthA left output into Blinds 1 input
synthB left output into Blinds 2 input
synthA right output into Blinds 3 input
synthB right output into Blinds 4 input

(of course I'd have to amp the synths to euro level first)

mult a cv into all four Blinds cv inputs
- cv attverts full counter-clockwise on inputs 1 and 3
- cv attverts full clockwise on inputs 2 and 4

Blinds 2 output for crossfaded left signal
Blinds 4 output for crossfaded right signal

Is that it?

Where would the signal input attverts be set?
If your CV is unipolar, you would set the audio attenuverters to zero (noon).

I have a similar Blinds patch but for stereo rotation of two sources. There will be some signal drop if you use the same CV into all four channels (unavoidable unless you use two CVs). And it is a bit difficult to avoid bleed since zero on the knob is hard to find.
That sounds about right. But you can do similar thing with veils/other similar quad mixing vca's, if you use bipolar modulation, you would just need to invert it before seinding for other 2(stereo) modulation inputs.
Main reason I tend to use blinds as cv mixer/vca is that it's not that easy to dial in "dead center" on input, its not really a problem, but something to be aware of.
That’s correct. You’ll also have to set the Blinds CV offsets correctly, depending if the input CV is bipolar. Basically say your crossfade CV is a +/- 5V LFO, then you need to set each CV attenuverter and CV offset so that each channel gets a 0V to 5V signal. So offsets are 5V in this case and attenuverters are -1 and +1.
Also, Blinds can boost signals if CV is above 5V, so you might not need a pre-amp module at all. Again, depending on your input and CV sources.
Thanks, all.
Rebel Tech Mix04

4x4 VCA matrix mixer. It’s like the 4ms VCA matrix mixer without all the knobs, mute switches, etc.
batch wrote:
Rebel Tech Mix04

4x4 VCA matrix mixer. It’s like the 4ms VCA matrix mixer without all the knobs, mute switches, etc.

That would be a very useful module, thanks for pointing it out. I had to stare at it a while to figure it out but it looks like it would do the crossfading I'm after. It doesn't have option to invert cvs however, like Blinds does.
I have had a few requests to go back over my original fader and make it stereo with more options. I had planned to have some time in February of next year. Not sure if anyone would be interested.

In my searching I saw that, DSC. I was thinking, "If only it was stereo." The manual crossfader would be so great to have in addition to cv.
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