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Drafting Table for Semi-Modulars?
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Author Drafting Table for Semi-Modulars?

I've been doing some research to replace a standard desk in office/studio with something I can more dedicate to my semi-modulars. Here are my thoughts...

First, I say this post: and it led me to think about drafting tables.

So I am thinking of getting some for of drafting table. I'll give some ideas for what I want help with thinking through momentarily.

Presuming my drafting table idea works well, I would buy a black fuzzy cloth that could work with the hook side of velco. This would be fastened (glued and perhaps something like a few screws) to the top.

Then I would buy some angle rods something like this: -with-1-20-in-T-802677/204273980 and glue velcro to the underside.

This allows the various semi-modular (and Skulpt & Volcas) I have to rest against these as the table is tilted. (I don't want to put velcro on the synths themselves.) This also would allow me to reconfigure the layout as well.

So with this in mind, here are some questions:

What drawbacks or problems does anybody see in doing this?

What tables would you recommend if you have done something similar? I would ideally like the following characteristics: sturdy (it will be holding several hundred dollars of gear), not too heavy (40 pounds or less), height adjustable (not just tilt), foldable, and preferably one I could add casters or wheels to..

What considerations am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any info...

Oh, one other thing that may be relevant... Here is the list of gear I plan to play around with on this set-up (only 3-8 would be on the table at any one time):

Dreadbox Erebus v3 (just got it!)
eoWave Quadrantid Swarm
Bastl SoftPop
Korg SQ-1
Twisted Electrons Crazy8
Plankton Electronics Ants!
Several Korg Volcas
Conductive Labs NDLR
Futursonus Parva
Modal Skulpt

Hopefully this gives you some idea of what I would want to be supporting.
i used to do the drafting table thing for my audio gear. It was great when I had a huge Ramsa mixer. And later on I used to put my Moog and a few drum machines on it.

Couple things though. Drafting tables are mostly meant to hold a piece of paper, not 40lbs of gear.
The one I used to have before I moved across country was not happy being at an angle with lots of gear on it. So it was basically a flat table with about 5 degrees of incline.
The other thing is that drafting tables are generally more expensive and harder to move from place to place than a regular table.

I've since switched over to a couple restaurant style wire rack shelves and some skinny metal curio shelves from Ikea. The curio shelves are the perfect size and depth. So of course they are discontinued.

Curious what replies you get to this. As I moved into an even smaller place, and am anxious to hear what other folks solutions to gear accumulation are.
I had a standing table made for me, with the second shelf angled and a 1" lip added to the bottom so things don't slide off. It's my favourite spot, where my most wiggled gear goes. A whole table like that would be awesome.

Additional idea: an effect pedal board style slotted table top cover that allows the gear to sit on but their cables to be guided underneath. Or maybe the whole table is that, which rests on two easel style frames?
calaveras wrote:
Couple things though. Drafting tables are mostly meant to hold a piece of paper, not 40lbs of gear.

Depends on the table, most are basically furniture for a bedroom, the drafting table I have is from a university art department, steel frame all one piece (bitch to move), heavy tabletop with a hinge along one edge so it's two heavy pieces of wood that fold to give the angle. Many architect tables are even heavier duty and probably twice as big. Some with electronics that control the angle and height, but that's probably as much as a smallish modular system. I had my eye on a table until I found out it was $3000. So I got the one I have now for practically free. This table is probably 30-40 years old.

I had my Buchla on there for a long time as it was the only table I had that was deep enough to accommodate the 24boat and have space in front for the 223e or pedals. I used to use it on an angle as it had a sliding parallel, un, I forget what it's called. But the cable in that broke, so I started using it flat.

Usable drafting tables are out there, but anything new is probably going to be too weak for any real weight or too expensive to be practical, unless someone can afford $2000+ for a worktable.

I had this made for my heavy poly synths, standing height. Notice the lips at each end of the tier arms so they don't slide off.
Two of these frames attach with a cross arm, you can see the screws.
Maybe similar design that's deeper but 2tiered for you?
Could use stainless steel shelves so cables can fit through and under (make sure the gaps between strands are wide enough for midi cable heads).
I'd use particle board from Bunnings here in Australia as it's cheap, then drill my own holes through it for cables based on how I want things set up.
Whole frame could be torn down and stored in minutes
Thanks @calaveras and @DKCG... I bought one that was rated to hold 110 pounds and really wasn't that expensive. I think that will handle as many semi-modulars I plan to put on it at any one time. The heaviest I own is the new Erebus v3. I may use my Parva or Sequential Tom on it on occasionally and they are about the same weight...

I ditched a huge wooden desk to put this in, what i haven't figured out is what I will do for my computer yet or cable storage.

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