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Serge in japan
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Author Serge in japan
Hey all, I’m trying to get into serge, and living in japan the import duties are a thing.
So I’m wondering if anyone knows a shop like patch point, but already in japan, where I can order direct.
5g and clockface seem to be only euro.
Thanks in advance,
Do you have access to someone who can build Serge modules and panels for you? Would duties be as expensive if you were acquiring components and getting someone local to build for you?
I mean, I could build myself if I wanted to go that route. But I don't really have time for it.
I'm specifically looking into getting a Konstant Labs CIHLA PSU shipped over here, as it seems the power is the one thing to get really really right.
You might be able to get the Serge you want for a reasonable price by going through builders. I’m not making assumptions about your ability to go that route, yourself, and I don’t need to; it’s pretty clear you don’t want to - so my questions stand. The bang for the buck you get from, say, a La Bestia 2 is immense, whether you assemble it yourself or get someone else to do so, as I did.
import tax for musical instrumnets is only value tax. well its still 8% so not the amount to overlook, though... (btw, to be presice the amiunt is actually different from domestic value tax and could be near 9%)

for the store, none i knoe of Dead Banana
We do ship to Japan, however, FEDEX is indeed rather expensive.
For the Euro range, you can try Clockface

We'd love to see more Serge in Japan!

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