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FH-2 not detected with Configuration tool
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Author FH-2 not detected with Configuration tool
I am using configuration tool with Chrome on a newish iMac and a USB A to USB C cable to FH-2. I cannot connect to the FH-2 directly. Is there any driver I need to install.

It seems to want to connect through my MIDI interface but that is no good because FH-2 does not have MIDI DIN connector.
No driver is required.

What USB A to C cable are you using? I've heard at least one person say that a cheap unbranded one off eBay didn't work, but a decent one did.

Also try both orientations of the USB C plug, though that shouldn't make a difference.
it was a fairly expensive one from Officeworks, $25, I have tried with a new Dell laptop as well as my MBP. Wonder if cable is faulty. c-cable-2m-black-cocm2pmbk

You can use this cable to connect your USB-C and USB-A devices for charging and syncing.
There's a USB-C male connector on one end and a USB-A male connector on the other.
It supports data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps.
The cable is 2 m long so you can move your devices around while they're connected.
The cable supports 3 A fast charging.
Does the FH-2 itself indicate a connection, with a 'C' in the display?
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