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[µTune] and analogue synths
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Author [µTune] and analogue synths
Hi Tubbutec,

I'm thinking about the µTune module. Are SH -101, TB - 303 and Minikorg 700s (both Cv Kenton Modded) capable of receive microtonal scale via µTune?

I read about only certain synths are capable of being sequenced by a microtonal sequencer. I would love to be more into it.

Thanks for your time,

Hi Marco,

every synth with a CV/gate input will work with the µTune. This is also true for synths using the V/Hz mode, such as the Minikorg 700s or MS10/MS20

101 and 303 work with µTune in V/oct mode, for the 101 specifically we also offer the SH-1oh1 µTune which adds quite a lot features.

The current µTune hardware version 18 also features improved gate outputs to specifically address compatibility with vintage synthesizers. The gate output voltage can be switched between 5 and 12V and also supports switch trigger outputs. You can also invert the polarity of the gate.
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