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4-track with 4 tape outs AND 4 inputs?
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Author 4-track with 4 tape outs AND 4 inputs?
hello, i'm looking for a 4-track that can take 4 inputs at the same time, and give me 4 tape outputs

plus of course, volume control over each track

the one i have, fostex x-15 has 4 tape outs but only 2 inputs at a time (mic or line)

any ideas?

Yamaha Mt4x has this... probably quite a few others as well
Dave Peck
Just about any 4-track reel-to-reel will do that.

Tascam 4430-S, 40-4, 22-4, Studer A80 4-track, Maybe Otari, etc.
to be a bit more clear, i meant 4-track cassette players/mixers only

reel-to-reel is a distant dream y'all
Vestax MR-44
Dave Peck
There are several cassette-based Tascam Portastudios that will do what you want, and these include a mixer with the tape recorder. Plus similar products from other manufacturers. Check this search at
johnnywoods wrote:
Yamaha Mt4x has this... probably quite a few others as well
Tascam Portastudio 424 has 4 ins and 4 tapes outputs. I forget if the faders control the channel levels if you take the signal from the 4 tape outputs.
fostex x28, x28h. Maybe the x26 too?
I use the four tape outs to transfer my recordings to my DAW for editing
johnnywoods wrote:
Yamaha Mt4x has this... probably quite a few others as well

This is what I use and it's excellent. Prices seem to have even gone DOWN since I bought mine a few months ago to replace a Portastudio.
Michael O.
Teac/Tascam have four inputs attenuated via fader and a 4 track tape cue out. Never used any newer models, but I bet they’d have that basic functionality as well.
Spectral Tilt
Teac 40-4
the cheaper portastudio type 4 tracks could only record two tracks at a time. And did not have discrete outs for all tracks. But once you get past the entry level tier of cassette multitracks most of them have more than 4 inputs (so you can submix several sources to one track) and individual outs.
Peavey, Tascam and Yamaha also made stand alone cassette multis. Look like a slightly fancy stereo component deck. With a few more knobs. And twice as many jacks.
I wish I still had the Teac I bought off of a college radio station!
Tascam 234 (rack-mount)
I see you are also looking for a small mixer with a good number of inputs.

I can totally recommend the Tascam 644 Midistudio, as a mixer/recorder in a fairly small footprint.

It has up to 16 inputs plus 4 FX returns, 4 tape outs and 4 group outputs. The routing matrix is very flexible, once you get used to how it works. It also has built in tape sync and midi channel mutes. I really like the EQ which has semi-parametric mids.

I have used a number of cassette portastudios and this is my favourite, along with the 688 which I use synced to the 644 with a Midiizer for 10 recording tracks.
Fostex 280 can do this
ah, i posted in the wrong thread, edited

what about the fostex x-26?
I modded a Fostex 4 track with an output jack per channel by tapping each track from its monitor aux send. You can do this with pretty much any multi-track recorder with aux sends. Solder a jack to the wiper of each aux send pot. Add a 1K resistor between them if you'd like some additional short-circuit protection.
I’ve got a Yamaha Mt100 that has 4 inputs and 4 outputs but they don’t work at the same time. I’m not an expert on tape multi trackers but the only way I can get the tape outs is by physically unplugging the jacks from the inputs. Just a thing to consider if you wanted pass through functionality.
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