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Rate my non-engineer's foresight: SAWcore to TRI shaping
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Author Rate my non-engineer's foresight: SAWcore to TRI shaping
Hola folks. nanners

I was just minding my casual business, which is to generate no less than 10,000 thoughts a day so as to reach the stakhanov level of a certified wiseacre pundit, and this one crossed my mind:

When you got too much full-wave rectifiers and saw wave generators at hand, you can as well full-wave rectify your saws to see what outcome it will lead to, and surprised you'll be to see the nifty dc-offset triangles as a result. It's peanut butter jelly time!

Then, if you are an aspiring non-diplomaed-and-never-to-be wannabe-robert-moog-or-sorta-engineer, you can let this circumstance light up an electric bubble above your head and use this form of a circuit trickery augmented with a unipolar-to-bipolar signal converter (e.g simple offset generator) in your makeshift noisemaker sawcore vco you've built from a crashed alien aircraft leftover electric parts to make it have the whole two simultaneous outputs, |\|\ & \/\/, respectively.

Now, I wanted to ask the EE's and vice-EE's, and EE prentices: am I on to something? Is it how we get our beloved tri's, roughly speaking? The lack of my education lets me presume NOT all of the vco's do this kind of fiddledoodery under their hoods, I would give it the wildest guess possible and assume some even utilize slewing at the rising edge, or accomplish this by some other mechanisms like, I dunno, solderin' in some caps and short-circuiting their + & - by some well-trained nanorobotic creatures who do it in sync with phase (wow, sounds scientific and non-speculative at its finest smokin'), but there must be some love for our often-neglected rectifier thingies too, I'd bet some inutile something, there must be.

Moving on, there is a long-awaited patchtip in our rubric called "Anti-Scientific Patch Tips from a non-Engineer Radiokoala: Take with Three Grains of Salt":

You've tried turning your saws into triangles and it got boring real fast? Comes to the rescue this picaresque temerity: now, my friend, we will create a +5V DC offset with precisely zero DC offset generators in our rack and just one simple ringmod – or our devout pal & bro, full-wave rectifier! What we will do is also a magic trick you can demonstrate on Penn & Teller: Fool Us – and it is called, turn this annoying noise you wife ain't fond of into... BOOM! *poof* – SILENCE.

To do this, you take a square wave and put it into the full-wave rect. If my calculations are correct, you'll get some kind of a ____ out of П_П – only in an "abovescore" and not "underscore" fashion, because with my rather rudimentary skills of ASCII drawing I portrayed -5V offset, as you can see.

Another way to accomplish this, for you haxxors out there is this: we will hack a ringmod so as to find a point on a pcb where the control voltage generated by X resides in its plumbum-free (I hope) mansion. Then, we can establish an electric connection between this solder point and a "tip" leg of a jack, as well as between its gnd and common ground, to get a full-wave rectified version of our modulator signal (in our case, square: П_П). As such, we have saved us $$$75 and got a bonus full-wave rectifier in our rack, let's go and fucking drink, shall we! This is fun!

This is it, for today, in a short while I'll revert to my daily duties like hoovering the ceilings and staring at the screen in the subway so as to avoid meeting views with some cate-eating Keanu Reeveses over against. I sincerely hope you have learned something new about electronics as well as will teach your ol' pal ko' and supplement his inferior-quality ee-knowledgebase with some trusty examples of sawcore vco's that use wave rectifying for obtaining their tri's. Guitar

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