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Mutant Bassdrum - decay unstable
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Author Mutant Bassdrum - decay unstable
I build a hexinverter mutant bassdrum some years back. It has a problem that appears sometimes (didn't bug-hunt it yet, so "sometimes" is the best I can say ATM):

The decay seems to fluctuate. Assuming I have nothing in except trigger, taking the clean out, I dial in a sound I like. Sometimes the decay gets quite a bit longer, in a pulsating fashion, like I had a slow LFO (5-10 seconds per cycle) going into decay CV.

It's been doing this for years. Sometimes (most of the time) it's working, maybe the problem goes away after long warm-up (an hour or more), but not sure about that.

Anyone else had this problem? Any idea what to look for or test for? I can post pictures of my build if that helps!
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