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RESPIRO: A new Physical Modelling synth
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Author RESPIRO: A new Physical Modelling synth
RESPIRO, upcoming...a new soft-synth for Wind, Breath and MPE controllers.
This looks great! I'm always on the lookout for new synths to try with my EWI.
Great news. Been looking for a good trumpet that works with MPE for ages.
Sounds great - let us know if you're looking for beta testers!
One request, if you can make a saxophone patch with a nice growl I'll be overjoyed! But regardless I'll be checking this out :¬) Subscribed to your channel.
Our patches are kind of hybrids reeds & flutes. We have no intention to simulate "real world" instruments like a sax etc.

We have a kind of growl in our model.

I'm not a wind player but this sounds really cool. Looking forward to more details.
OK...Respiro is born now....

congrats rudy!
Thanks.... this is just the start....will further grow-up with strong influence of wind & breath controller players.....
VL-Wizard wrote:
We have no intention to simulate "real world" instruments like a sax etc.

That sounds even cooler, I think! I'll definitely check this out!
Click this link to see interview with Pedro Eustache - Backstage at Hans Zimmer - talking about Respiro

and hereby an audio example using the out-of-the-box sounds.
Audio example 3 Respiros loaded in Ableton LIVE

Tried to purchase and the site says "Registration failed:" with no information on what part of the form has an error... very frustrating
YES... you can now run multiple instances of Respiro without the need for a DAW....

Working hard on next release....

PS: for registration issues or any questions..Please feel free to contact me directly. thx
is there a more advanced control screen other than the one in the screenshot? somewhere where you can edit every aspect of the models?
At this moment we do not offer an editor to modify every aspect of the model. This is on our roadmap.

First we want to ensure the essentials for "playing" Respiro are all in place and also further improve and extend the instruments. After this we will shift our focus to a Respiro XT version = tweakers and sounddesigners.
Some users are using the Expressive e Touché. I could not resist to order one to try with Respiro. Hereby a little video of my first try out. I like this controller, even if I'm a wind-controller player...
Plenty of new features added based on user requests.
- improved sound engine
- improved response
- more controllability (min/max/Curves/ cc-mapping / automation)
- reworked instruments and new instruments added


me doing a little improvisation..
thank you for this excellent instrument. Playing with an EWI4000s, works out of the box, I didn't have to change parameters at all. Very nice.

Edit: and the additional parameters are very good too. I only tried 1 (noise) and 6 (more reed), mapped to the EWI touch plate. Excellent results.
Hey Phil999

What makes me really happy is that you refer to Respiro as "excellent instrument" instead of "excellent synth".

Respiro is all about human emotions and expression...going into a dialog with the musician....

this new track from Eli Benacot is a good example of what can be achieved -respiro-12?in=rudy-verpaele-236350062/sets/respiro-demos
VL-Wizard eet-belgian-chocolade-wx5?in=rudy-verpaele-236350062/sets/respiro-demo s
naming a software as an instrument is indeed not very common. But in this case it is justified. I guess this is something that can only be understood if one has either the right wind controller at hand, or if one is a seasoned keyboard player.
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