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*VIDEO* AJH Synth Glide + Noise
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Author *VIDEO* AJH Synth Glide + Noise

ok so this is a simple one, easy to overlook and underrated I feel. Like all AJH this just work really well. It's a basic linear glide that can glide up, down or both up and down (normal function for most slews), there's a great hold function to halt signals passing with either gate high or low (behaviour set on a jumper), it can send or receive CV from your bus boards in the case (yes the CV / gate lines on the power connectors that go unused 99% of the time), and there's 3 noise types. Simple, but highly effective and now with a recent update it's skiff friendly, responds to negative CVs and has a range of ~14 octaves ... yes 14! I'm known to go on about how much I dislike people going on about big over the top octave tracking ranges as musical lines don't span 8 octaves or more BUT in this case we're talking about going well into modulation ranges accurately and audio so I won't be ranting here! smile

VCO demo -


00:12 Patch previews

00:38 Function / features run down

01:03 Demo patch - a wider patch using noise for percussion, glide for pitch and some other new AJH modules for added spice.

03:36 Glide - up, down, both, linear slew,

04:55 CV bus on the power boards and distributing pitch around your system cable free!

05:54 Hold - what is it, jumper settings etc - interrupting sequences for added performance and sequence freezing.

07:22 Audio wave shaping - YES using this for audio manipulation, weird ... probably ... cool though? Yes! Slew works as a basic low pass filter but audio rate hold manipulation adds some great overtones.

09:27 Slewing (or lagging or gliding) modulation signals. Turning square LFOs into triangles, ramps and clipped saws.

10:52 Noise types - a look and listen at the red, white and pink noise.

13:28 Using the Glide + Noise to mimic original Moog Minimoog Model D behaviour with the interrupted / gated glide on the keyboard.
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