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*VIDEO* Strange Science Instruments F-1 Stereo Ladder Filter
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Author *VIDEO* Strange Science Instruments F-1 Stereo Ladder Filter

Here's the stereo (linked operation) or dual Moog style transistor ladder low pass filter eurorack module from Strange Science Instruments. The F-1 gives you two filters with 2, 3 or 4 pole operation, options to link filters for more extreme filtering (up to 48dB per octave response), formant FX, audio rate modulation is lovely and I also show you how to make a high pass filter out of a low pass filter.

M-4 Mixer demo -


00:11 Patch previews and what’s to come

00:59 What is the F-1? Feature run down

02:40 Raw filter tones, sweeps, resonance, saturation etc. 2 pole, 3 pole and 4 pole modes ALL THE TONES! smile

06:16 Dual mono operation - bassline and a harmony line

08:06 Stereo operation - full stereo mix from M-4 into F-1 into stereo reverb

10:00 EXTREME FILTERS! Chaining the filters and then stereo linked for 4, 6 or 8 pole responses with 24dB, 36dB or 48dB per octave low pass slopes.

12:43 Audio rate modulation - this is mega tasty! Great throatish, formant, glottal like croaky mid overtones, lovely stuff.

14:44 Acid break - take a break to bath in some 3 pole 18dB per octave acidic low pass VCF action.

15:53 Formant filtering - yes we can make the two low pass filters do formants … sort of … dual resonant peak action is doable and we can mimic formant filtering with it.

18:35 Making kicks and percussion - oscillating filter, envelope to cut off, bass drum / kick drum sounds.

19:42 Turning a low pass filter into a high pass filter - mixer, inverter and low pass tricks to get high pass style filtering.

21:48 Emulating a Korg MS-20 dual filter. High pass filter into low pass filter - relying on the patch above for high pass action and then passing that into the second filter.

22:58 Outro blurb age.
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