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Fonitronik Cascade
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Author Fonitronik Cascade
Just got done with this a few weeks ago. My first kit since my PAiA 2700 series back in the 20th century... I was very pleased when it worked first thing. I do have a few comments however:

- There was no keyed header for the power; instead an unshrouded header was included. Fortunately I had already ordered some for possible retrofits on other unkeyed modules, so that caused me no grief.

- The daughterboard wiggles. I intend to use this for a portable case so I am not entirely comfortable with this. I will probably either replace those two connectors with a direct connection, or use tape to strengthen to connection.

Other than that, great little kit; I'm glad I decided to go that route.
Cascade was my first and still most loved utility, for its size in a small case is a godsend, given you have a deep enough spot to install it. As an audio mixer I like how it can lightly overdrive the signal. About the daughterboard I've applied a bit of tape and never had problems with it thumbs up
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