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ST Modular Reverb
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Author ST Modular Reverb
Anyone built a St Modular Reverb? Only the Reverb control seems to work and the signal comes out distorted. Feedback, Tone and switches don't so anything. I have checked the single TL072 and even resoldered it but it doesn't make a difference. Also, I am using a long decay brick from Thonk but the reverb turned all the way up isn't very prominant.
Also have same problem!
Build easy DIY kit of Reverb v. 2.1
Use Mid size of Accutronics brick from Thonk.
Rechecking and reflowed elements.
Nothing help!

Sound very distorted! If set Reverb knob to 0 - sound distorted. Feedback work, reverb also add space. With Tone something changed but not understand because sound very distorted!
Not understand problem
Give us some pics so we can find your build errors. High def with good lighting please.

I not cut Tone little stand because it plastic (non metal as in example on photos from ST-Modular)

Need to say if I remove Accutronics block and turn on module - it have also distortions at signal activity moment (distortions only if play sound)

ps: sound not only distorted - it over-gained. I try external module sound without Reverb - and try with Reverb active module. Reverb module gain signal. I try to turn OutGain Trimmer 4 circles in two sides - not help. Very loud sound of signal from module.
I use two Trimmers. I find needed positions to save signal level. DIY kits need some basic info about this for beginners. Cool! Its been easy fix
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