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Yarns & MIDI clock in 1M mode
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Author Yarns & MIDI clock in 1M mode
I can't get this to work. What am I doing wrong? I want a steady MIDI clock from gate 3 in 1M Mode, as the manual says I can do.

I have it set to 1M Mode, I have TE set to 0 (and it still does not show EX as the manual says it should when below 40), I have I/ to 4 and O/ to 4. Everything seems by the book for MIDI clock on gate 3, but it's still sending just the gate outputs from the MIDI pattern, and NOT the steady clock pulse.

This is driving me up a wall, and I think I'm missing something easy and fundamental.
oh fer fuck's sake, in case anyone as dumb as me comes across this: 00 does NOT indicate 0 BPM, it's 100, keep scrolling down and down until you do see EX and the MIDI clock should work.
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