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Group buys - joysticks and pots
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Author Group buys - joysticks and pots
hey does anyone know how to make a four quadrant panner?
i want to make my joystick module a lot more fun
I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I assume a 4Q panner is one that goes negative --> positive on both axes. Wait, if it's a panner, then that would just be left to right, back to front, correct? If so, then this might work:
yup cheers
Okiedokie, the joystick module design is finally finalized (heh).
Here's the panel:

The two switches in the middle set the reference point for each axis: 0->+ or - -> +. I couldn't tolerate designing it only for positive signals, so I added these in to allow you to process audio signals without limiting the scaling & offset ranges.

The module will be available at AH in about 4-6 weeks, $115 MSRP.
Right now, I want to get an idea for how many want to get the kit THAT WERE INVOLVED IN THE ORIGINAL JOYSTICK GROUP BUY ONLY. The kit includes everything but the joystick, fully assembled and tested, $90 (+S&H of course).

I'll post more specs later, but I'm going to go to bed now.
Love it. Don't forget us mother-frackers. I'll mug an old lady if I need to to get one! Smacked in the head with a trout

I'm in for two kit's. Are the they going to be in both 3U formats? I'd be into one of each.

Or both of the other smile
Oh yeah, both euro & frac. Frac with reversed graphics, as usual.
i'm in for 1 kit of course SlayerBadger!

do you think this will be our only opportunity to buy kits? just asking 'cause of cash flow, i'd love 2 kits but it can only be one at the mo.
Oh, no. No time limit. I just want to make sure I get enough supplies the first time around.
Soy Sos
I'd be looking to pick up 2, but to be clear, this is like a finished module
with out the joystick. Not some type of barebones kit with no faceplate?
That's more what I was hoping for.
Yep, this is for "finished" module, but don't worry, barebones will be available as well. I guess I should take some soundings on that as well:

Aside from the Plague Bearer, all my modules will have the boards parallel to the panel - which means the pots and jacks will be PCB-mojunted. This does not, however, meet with the general barebones concept of flexibility. Is everybody cool with the pots, switches, and jacks being supplied loose for your own panel arrangement?
Soy Sos
That arrangement is fine with me. I'm not at full DIY level,
so the barebones concept is nice baby steps for me in the
right direction.
I'm in for a couple of kits!
I might as well put up the offer: If anybody is interested in having the kits happen a little faster, I'll start taking pre-orders now. I'll put up the product specs & a pic of the working prototype in a bit.
Soy Sos
Great, thanks! I should be in on 2 barebones kits
depending on price and cashflow. haha
i'm in for one 'just add joystick' kit...i'll paypal a pre-order whenever you say the word.
congrats on the release...what's next? razz
oh, and awesome prices btw, plaque bearer is the best $80 i've spent in my whole modular adventure so far!
@ Soy Sos: The gods know I understand that situation!

@ pheops: w00t! PayPal to my email address below.
Release: Thanks! Upcoming (in order of release):
Plague Bearer r3 (VC gain easter egg)
Imp noise module
VCO - no name yet, my take on the oscillator idea.

Prices: Thanks again! It's rather hard, but it's worth it to me. I hope I can keep it up!
Soy Sos
Thanks bro,
I have a good feeling about your line. I'm interested on your VCO ideas.
But what I really want to see from you is the ultimate grindola, cheapo
digital delay~! In kit form!
I always forget to mention this:

Anytime you place an order (anybody) with me, please include any information specific to your purchase: format, customizations, other notes.

Conversations leading up to an order tend to be spread across forums, multiple emails (and addresses sometimes), even written letters. I have pretty severe ADHD, so it's real easy for me to lose track of details - I'm also paranoid about hard drive failures. So I use the information from your PayPal payment notification to set up your customer account and to keep track of orders and special notes. Humorous comments are also appreciated. razz
Pics (remember, this is just the prototype):

Specs (with ±12V supply):
No input, ground reference/±reference-

  • Minimum scaling: 0 -> 0.1V / ±0.1V
  • Middle scaling: 0 -> 5V / ±5V
  • Maximum scaling: 0 -> 10V / ±10V

AC input, ground reference-

  • Minimum scaling: 10%
  • Middle scaling: 100%
  • Maximum scaling: 200%

Offset: ±5V

Off: -12V
On: +12V

Off: -12V
On: +12v
Duration: 1.5mS
Nice. I’m definitely up for two kits in frac format but I can’t foresee being able to fork over the cash for quite some time. here’s hoping this is an ongoing thing.
Yup, don't worry.
I noticed on the prototype that the stick to panel is via the 3 screws securing the sticks orbit. So we don't need to drill into corners of the sticks chassis, this is sturdy enough?

Since I nabbed 4 sticks I would also be into (2) B-Bone kits, but I'd like to get the 'add a stick' first.

Thanks again

Happy, happy, joy(stick), joy(stick)
Heh, happy happy!

Correct, no drilling required, and it is quite sturdy. The screws are very close to the pivot point, so there is very minimal torque applied to them. The kit will include the slightly longer screws you will need to attach your stick-joy thingy, also the spacers required since the pivot fixing washer is actually 1mm below the face of the cage.

You're very welcome. smile
Hey Flight, any update on the joystick module PCB's? I'd love to get one out in a month as a birthday gift if possible!!!

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