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New Serge based album - Batch 0008
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Author New Serge based album - Batch 0008
Hey everyone. I thought some of you might be interested in my new album coming out in January. It was recorded entirely on my 2.5 panel Serge (all Random*Source 4U) with some additional effects.

A preview is available here:


Here's some info about the release:

This album began as a set of sound experiments as I was building pieces of my Serge system. With each new modules or panel, I spent time trying to understand its possibilities, limits, and edges. From these experiments I learned techniques for “patch programming”, using the patching of the instrument to specify what each component is meant to do in that specific context. I wanted to play with the raw electronic sound of the Serge but still make pieces that hold together as compositions and are unique from one another.

For this collection of pieces, I used patching as the sole means of sequencing and composing the music.

I started with a series of short and really sparse raw experiments just exploring the patches, recording everything I did. Then I emailed them to Martin at SM-LL who provided some of the most thoughtful input and feedback on what are some really abstract sounds, including sending me links to recordings that it reminded him of. These really became reference points of developing the music, along with my usual big influences from Panasonic and that 90’s minimal scene.

You can pre-order the 12" or download on Bandcamp:
yes! love the sound of Serge.
Beautiful sound journey applause
excellent nanners
Quick update to say that the album is now available for download or as a very limited 12” lathe cut record.

So far the response has been good, and I will have a live recording of the release show to share soon.

Thanks for your support and interest in these amazing instruments!
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