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ES-40 + RME UFX via AES output
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Author ES-40 + RME UFX via AES output

I have a configuration problem, and need help !

My config :

OS : Windows 10
DAW : Bitwig
Audio Interface : RME UFX
ES Hardware : ES-40, ES-8GTMk3

Explanations :

I want to use the AES output of my RME UFX, which can be used as SPDIF by using a cable RCA/XLR ( As described on RME UFX manual P.43 : )

So i have the cable connected to in/out of the ES-40. As described on the RME manuel they are number 13/14.
I open Bitwig, and put a ES Silent way sync vst on a track.
I set the ouput of the track to 13/14.
In silent way i select clock output gate 1/1 and run output gate 1/2. and select es-4 mode.

But i have nothing on the outputs, if i select output 1/3 and 1/4, i have the signals at led 1 and 2.

and if i move i have some strange pattern like 2 and 4 together or 3 and 5...

Any help please ?

Thanks a lot.
Sounds like there's a non-0dB gain somewhere in the chain (totalmix?).
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