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Arduino DIY Project compilation post
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Author Arduino DIY Project compilation post
Just getting into modulars but have done lots of different DIY projects with Arduino and other such fun gizmos.
So I plan on making some creative gate trigger kinda thing using an arduino, possibly controlled via midi through processing. Will post more once I get everything going.

So just curious what everyone else has done. Please post all Arduino related projects!!!!!
Nothing done yet. But I'm slowly working on an arduino midi/din sync start/stop in time and a USB to MIDI for the axis-49 by C-thru.

This was as far as I got smile
I've done a few things:

1. A MIDI sequencer, that I added PWM "CV" and gate to, and some other features.

2. A trigger-to-MIDI clock converter that I designed to sync gear to my DR-110. It's still on a breadboard, but works pretty well. I need to move it to something more permanent, but I also need to figure out if it needs more functionality...

3. I've also been working on a programmable module using the TI TLC5620 quad 8-bit DAC:

I have a dream. It is to have a Choices joystick module that controls LEDs in the breakout box as the joystick is pushed around.
I have not yet learned any Arduino beyond reading a couple of books. But it is a dream...
This little project grin
here's a nice list of some
I´ve added that Grain Oscillator to my modular. It´s pretty easy to add some CV inputs. Works fine as a source for strange audio:
phase ghost
After I get my sequencer finished (I'll post up details soon), I'm going to try a wavetable oscillator and then an Arduinome.

I love Arduino


damn Neutron!!
A couple of arduinomes - have a drum (piezo), midivox and wavplayer shields all waiting to be soldered up smile
XCenter wrote:
I´ve added that Grain Oscillator to my modular. It´s pretty easy to add some CV inputs. Works fine as a source for strange audio:

Cool tip 8_)
Did you add CV inputs to your unit?
I'm just wondering since the arduino only likes 0-5V for analog inputs so if you want to input bipolar voltage I guess you need some offset voltage and possibly some attenuation?
Also, did you add some sort of over voltage protection?

I'm asking because I was thinking of using my arduino as some sort of CV sequencer/processor and I'm still a bit of a n00b when it comes to proper electronics. help
im just reading through the arduino notebook and the code all makes sense to me (which is nice, my vb skills come in handy now and then) i just ordered 2 arduinos from china so hopefully, hopefully i can get some code written so it is ready by the time they arrive

btw, project is a nixie tube freq counter and VU
Hey guys-who-know-arduino. I'm pretty curious about this and have been looking for an answer -- when you build an arduino thing, do you have to build-in one of the arduino Duemilanove boards? Or is the board merely for prototyping and programming the chip, and then the chip goes onto a PCB? I've seen pics of small arduino projects so I assume it's just the chip, but the Duemilanove seems to be the heart of everything.

There's an arduino class being offered in October I'm thinking of taking. I want to build a little array of LEDs for my Choices joystick. So just thought I might ask. Sorry for the hijack.
Its up to you to decide if you want to rebuild your project stand alone, or use one of the arduino clones such as the seeeduino, which depending on how much work you want to do is a slightly cheaper substitute, or with the Duemilanove you can take the IC out after its programmed and put it on your own board with a few support components (you can buy a replacement chip with arduino bootloader on it for $4 or something)

one thing i would not do though is rely on bits of wire stuck in the headers, make sure you use proper connectors or they will become unreliable.

I prefer to just use one of the many compatible "mini arduinos" which fit on a protoboard/IC socket then If you decide to change the program code, you can just plug in a USB cable and re-download the code. (also usually by then the original prototype it was tested with is gone)
Thanks for the reply. Still doesn't make any sense to me but I'll look into it further rather than fill up this thread with my ignorance. The mini is still $37, which seems like a lot to run something simple like indicators for a joystick. Maybe Arduinos are more for full, more complicated projects?

When I read about the Arduino, the examples are all little simple things that are all attached to these Duemilanoves. Little LEDs that spell your name. Goofy little robots. I assumed that it was just for playing and experimenting -- like you build it, play with it for a day or two, then take it apart again since these things are so expensive. But it sounds like you guys are actually building modules. Are you sticking these mini-aduinos and stuff in them, permanently? 4ms has an arduino-campatible chip in the RCD, which is about $5. But I don't get the connection. Is the chip the heart of Arduino? Can it be programmed and then put into a 4hp module?

the examples are mostly simple things that you just use to learn programming, i wouldn't waste an entire arduino on some blinky LEDs

some of the more advanced things are worth it though, for instance they have been used as the brain for quadcopters and robots etc, in that case it is quite cost effective.
i bought 2 Duemilanoves from china for $40 including shipping
phase ghost
Arduino can build some raw shit. My 16 step sequencer with note on/off capabilites, nice buttons and rockin knobs will cost me around $250. That includes an arduino mega (plus shield) and components. Other than a 12 bit DAC and obvious stuff like resistors and pots, it's 100% arduino.

I plan on leaving the mega in the sequencer as it will be much easier than trying to reinvent the wheel just so I can keep from putting the arduino in the box. If I were making 50 sequencers or whatever, I'd definitely look into something more economical. For one off diy projects, I say leave it in.

** I just checked my RCD and the board says "yourduino" on it.
I have been working on a simple arduino module which can do a few envelope and sequencing jobs.

so far i have not made much "glue" it will need a bipolar converting opamp,
and input buffers for the CV ins. (there is a hack to make the arduino CV inputs run at 1 mhz, which i have used before, as long as the power supply is good and you dont use any interrupts it seems just as good as the default (which is too slow for audio)

Planned controls
16 General purpose knobs, 2 columns of 8
CVin x 2
Gate/clock/switch in x 2 (depends on mode)
CV out x 2 (second CV repeats first in single use modes)
Lin/Log variable or switch x2
possibly a gate out.
Mode switch.

it is a very simple circuit, just the arduino, a MUX chip for the controls (in this prototype i am usingi use arduino "mux shield" i had left over from another project) some pots (that board left over from another project as well)and a simple capacitor filter. I can get away with that because the PWM output is running at 15KHZ (10 bit mode) and the fastest i want it to go is around 1/8th of that response time, which gives the filter plenty of time to clean up all that dirty digital mess.

The output is very nice when running a filter i could not get any steppy sound yet, i do not expect it ever to be pitch accurate though! (it is still linear though, it will have a variable lin/log control done in analog hardware)

What i have it doing so far is an 8 stage rate/level envelope which is working very nicely

8 Segment rate/level envelope







Level7(sustain if all envelopes finished and looping is off, or loop to Level2)

Level8 ("off" level can be adjusted)

sorry for crappy scope pic!

I plan for it to have several modes. selected by grayhill mechanical binary switch. here are some possibilities. the program will only run its own bits, so there will not be any slow down by having so many, except for reading the switch itself.

8 way rate/level with looping option DONE!
8 way "poor mans interpolating scanner" with separate slope for each step (will not work at very high audio rate)
Dual 4 way "rotor"
2x 4 way VC ADSR with virus style ramp (loopable)
6 way rate + level and simple A/R
16 step simple sequencer
8 step sequencer with adjustable gate time or glide per step
dual 7 stage LFO with sync (8th knob becomes rate) IN PROGRESS!

The electronics should fit on a fairly small board including the AVR IC with arduino bootloader.

i just got mine to say hello world on an lcd and thought that was "simple"
guess not
getting an LCD to work is a good job! i procrastinated that bit for ages:)
It is a stepping stone to using nixies
I thought it were better test programs on displays that didnt use 120v hihi
neutron 7

are you sharing the code for any of your projects? I am really wondering how you are doing some of the things you are doing. I would love to be able to make a basic AR or ADSR, or vc lfo, or sequencer, etc...i just don't know where to start.

how did you get your projects started?

thanks for any help

also...has anyone done any stuff where they demux the outputs to get more outputs at a time by using 4051s?

i know the inputs are muxed...

Well i did post the code for my 4 oscillator wavetable synth a while ago but it is really out of date

Its a bit of a mess but you can have a look, its on my dropbox. here. It has an envelope generator in it, ADSR with velocity decay and sustain controls. (as well as LFOs, modulation, MIDI, accurate pitch generation, glide, and etc etc smile )

and the current envelope code (just the multistage in this one)

for the output filter i used

Obviously it should have an op amp buffer and level shifters etc, but this works fine for testing.

and for lots of knobs i used a multiplexer, but if you only want to use a few, you can just use the analog ins
thanks so much

it really fills me with hope to see the kind of projects you are doing!
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