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Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe
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Author Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe
Just got one, and am super-happy! Great chorus/trem-like/weirdo outer-space effects, depending on adjustments. Also extremely happy with their ethos: Actual componentry (vs SMT); though it's only my opinion, old-skool componentry just seems to both have the edge in longevity AND sonic goodness. [Love the toggles, seemingly from an 80s-era Soviet fighter jet!] Taller than my other stompboxes; maybe those giant switches have something to do with it... Having separate knobs controlling 'dry' and 'wet' signals allows for some awesome parallel processing/fx-send stuff, too.

The addition of a filter actually adds quite a bit of sound-shaping (both HP and LP); their underlying 'freez'-style reverb pad can either be switched in or out (no other control). For me, not necessary; I own their Wash reverb/dly pedal (which is also super-lush).

I'm using it on synths, and find it great on all sorts of stuff: From leads to gauzy pads, basses to fx; but mostly I use it on mono voices (provides a good 'spread', in mono-chorus fashion). Their 'glitch' LFO wave brings to mind my old PittsMod VILFO; that, and my Wogglebug.

Comparing it with my WA Julia, it's no comparison as to adjustability (Warden wins, hands down); to me, Julia sounds more 'slippery', and the Warden 'spreads' better. In a mono sort of way.

Very happy, indeed!
Thanks for posting, this looks great!
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