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New recommmended way to set up USAMO in Ableton 10?
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Author New recommmended way to set up USAMO in Ableton 10?
Hi, I have poured through the USAMO thread and am encountering issues when setting up my USAMO and recording my Digitakt into Ableton 10. The main issue is consistency. Before I get into that , here is where I am at:

Windows 10. Line out from Apollo Twin into USAMO via TRS cable. I ran the test and get all green lights, but I had to retest today because that stopped happening and the digitakt would just stop playing after 4-8 bars.

So after that, my main issue is I can not get Ableton to get the Digitakt to start on the first (or sometimes even the 2nd) beat. I have read that this is an issue with Ableton. Is that still the case, or is there a workaround?

I have seen where people say to use an external audio after the USAMO plugin, so I tried that. A few issues popped up - the main one I noticed was that after a while when I hit stop on the transport, the digitakt would not top anymore. So I went without an external audio plugin and adjusted the offset in the USAMO plugin to try and get my kicks (no swing) to hit on the grid. I got pretty close with offset around -2, but then the digitakt would not start until around beat 3 or so. It became a hassle since I could not predict where 1 was with all my tracks. I think I just got frustrated.

Kind of a hassle, so I gave up and just recorded in audio by giving myself a precount and then tapping my finger in time 4 for bars and then hitting play on my digitakt for each track. I then look at the first step on each track so I know where to slide the first transient. I guess this is the old school way and it kinda works, but honestly I just want something reliable and easy that locks to the grid. I thought the USAMO would provide that.

I record with monitoring off, if that helps. I am open to any suggestions on fool proof ways to set this up. If I can get each track into ableton by just hitting play and recording track by track, I will be quite happy. As of now, it seems like a hassle, so I’d like to advice from anyone doing this successfully in Ableton 10.
Quick update. I think I figured it out, or at least here is where I am at.

Ableton 10 channel with USAMO plug and no external audio plug after.

Audio channel (kick, snare..etc) to record input from Digitakt - monitoring is off.

Offset in USAMO plugin at -2

This gets me pretty close to the grid. Really dead on until you zoom into sample view.

If anyone can share if external audio is better or not, I would appreciate it. I had to continue on with the song, and I could not test anymore.

Other thing I do is play a blank bar in the digitakt and switch to the real pattern while that is playing. That allows the digitakt time to sync to ableton and I don’t have to worry about timing the start out anymore.

At this point, I am just curious about the external audio thing (better to use or not?) and I should be sorted.
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