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Dizzy to module interconnect wierdness
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Author Dizzy to module interconnect wierdness
Ok ..Eljay will just say I'm slapdash and I know I will just need to make a new interconnect but this is driving me insane. seriously, i just don't get it so I feel the need to share.

I'm testing a multimix as I extend my "baby Oakley".
With a molex interconnect known to be tests fine a la build guide.
With the new interconnect both LEDs light without any input signal. And the multi mix just no works with a signal in.

I check continuity.molex to molex pins..fine.
I check pins are wired 1-1. Fine i colour code wires as extra insurance too.
I unplug the module end and check voltages ...still fine.

I change positions on the change.
I try the interconnect with another module that has a flashing led ..Lfo rate of sample slew....this led stays fully on and module stops working too.

Nothing is getting warm btw.

Just like to know what scenario would force both red and green LEDs of multi mix to light without input signals?

Thanks Pav
If voltages check OK then it could be the pin 2 to pin 2 connection of the new lead. It connects 0V - if a module is missing 0V all sorts of weird stuff happens. Use a resistance meter to check continuity via the four pins of the headers with the new lead plugged into the module and Dizzy, and the power off.

Thanks for speedy response ,I'll go do as you say.
Ill post picture of the finished expansion later this week.
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