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Carolina Eyck, thereminist - WAVESHAPER TV Episode 3
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Author Carolina Eyck, thereminist - WAVESHAPER TV Episode 3
s o l v e n t

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Filmed at Waveshaper HQ in Toronto, January 2017. German musician and composer Carolina Eyck is one of the world’s foremost theremin virtuosi, beginning her theremin studies at the age of 7. Carolina sat down with Waveshaper TV to discuss how she was introduced to the instrument by her father, an early meeting with Bob Moog, and why the theremin has remained her favourite and primary instrument. Besides the interview, Carolina also granted Waveshaper TV an exclusive in-studio improvisational demonstration/performance, running her beloved Moog Etherwave Pro Theremin (a rare and sought-after model, often considered the pinnacle of Bob Moog's theremin design work) through effects pedals.

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