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Edirol V4 and Canon XLH1 not playing together nice
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Author Edirol V4 and Canon XLH1 not playing together nice
Addy Bart
Hey there,

I’m borrowing a Canon XLH1 with a view to buying it (it’s being sold really cheaply). Having some problems using it with my V4. I’ve posted a video with captions.

The camera has quite a lot of pro features like gen lock and various outputs. And because I lack the cables, I’ve only tried the composite output. But I’m getting a flickering black & white picture. Even after disconnecting the camera, the flickering remains.

Any ideas on how to resolve this? Do I need a TBC?

Wow, this is very similar to what i'm seeing with some video sources going through my V8. If you find a good solution, i'm interested to hear it. In my case the output isn't black and white, but the colors are definately washed out. I've had some luck passing the signal through a vcr first, but that introduces some lag that i'm not a fan of.
Try this in the following order with the V4/Canon OFF:

1. Connect the Canon to the V4 and power on the Canon;
2. Power on the V4.....if still issues go to next step;
3. Adjust the Video Sync Threshold in the V4 Menu/Utility.

Maybe it's step 3?
Addy Bart
Thanks for the suggestion - I would have liked to have tried step 3 but I already returned the camera. I also tried to capture the output from the V4 into the Canon but the playback was glitchy and blocky and so I think the heads on the camera needed replacing. Sadly, Canon no longer services the XLH1.

I did manage to get a colour picture from using the S-video output on the camera going into the mixer's S-video input - perhaps try that Jefro? I still had some flickering on the bottom of the screen though. Adjusting the sync threshold is probably the solution.

Incidentally, I have an older Panasonic camcorder which has no such problems with the V4 - I can hot plug it in and out and everything seems stable.
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