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Buchla Module Placement and/or Power Distribution
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Author Buchla Module Placement and/or Power Distribution
So I have a 30u system of clones and diy projects. I noticed some odd pitch-related behavior of my 259r oscillators - specifically, a very slight instability AND a very noticeable detuning when moving the harmonics knob. When I disconnected every other module the pitch stabilized but that's obviously not a fix. I moved the 259 to the end of the power supply chain and plugged everything back in and voila! stable pitch. My active busboard is in the middle boat and splits off to power the upper and lower boats from there. Basically a "T".

I've think I recall having read here about moving modules around to address certain things but has anybody ever encountered something similar to what I've described above?

i calibrated a new 2OC 1.5 tonight and then moved it to a different place.
Almost 0.2V difference !
That is two semi tones.
Then i moved it to the end of one board, started pulling modules left and right.
Each new one changed it by 0.050V in average.
So, i guess for filter CV, envelopes ets it does not matter much, but for pitch stuff needs to be calibrated in place and then left in that position and when the rack config starts the calibration has to be redone.

Time to buy Pigments wink
Jim what are you using as far as power setup. Cincon? I have a 30U case (no modules yet and I'm looking at the best method for powering. I'm wonder if perhaps for 30U 2 separate power supplies DC power supplies might be better.
I’ve got a linear supply that I’m going to try to use. Should have it done today and will report back.
Pretty stoked to report that using Roman's dongle and a Power One linear power supply (HDD15-5-AG which supplies 5A per rail) has resulted in rock-solid module performance. The main issue was with the 259r modules - pitch deviated when I'd move the "harmonics" pot or switch waveshapes on the mod osc. As well, my 281 would cause a slight deviation even when not patched (e.g. - only powered on and cycling). The whole system were anything but stable. Dunno if other folks are/were having similar issues but module placement should have no effect on performance/functionality.

Photo attached (and yes, I know my busboards are upside down. I had initially planned on placing the dongles at the end and they had to be oriented as such due to the polarity of the dongles I built. I've since changed my mind as you can see).

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