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Sampling off YouTube
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Author Sampling off YouTube
I think it is always best to ask permission to use a sample. ESPECIALLY if it is a musical sample that is a core part within an arrangement.

I've sampled a lot of dialog from youtube for mix tapes and free releases. I always contact the creator, but very rarely hear back BUT importantly at least you can prove you tried to gain permission.
Clipgrab. Free, updated regularly to deal with changes to YT etc. formats and access methods, allows you to choose which version (resolution/quality) you want to download (doesn't re-encode, thankfully), and can download just the audio if that's what you want.
leeski wrote:
Maybe something like this

Daaaaaaang I totally forgot about that video... I still have that on VHS hahah.
alexander92 wrote:
Don'nt you why you guys are still ripping with these old programs.

here's the answer:

To install it right away for all UNIX users (Linux, macOS, etc.), type:

sudo curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl
sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

no thanks
All that’s doing is downloading the file as the root user and making it readable and executable by all users.
I don't know the particulars but I would assume that the quality of audio on youtube is not so great so grabbing it as is and then converting it the format you need is fine. I just search 'download youtube' and use one of the converters that comes up then make .wav files of them as needed.
Multi Grooves
Hainbach wrote:
My videos get sampled all the time. I am fine with it as long as there is attribution and if it gets big or used commercially I get notified and cut in. Here is one of my most favorite examples:

Would you have recognised the sample if he hadn't got in touch with you?
to me there is a pretty obvious line here. if someone completely rips off someone else then thats not ok. but using a blip of sound as a filler or a word said a certain way, i dont see anything wrong with that. personally i find it time consuming to go through the process. if i did it more often and learned how to more efficiently then maybe i would feel different.
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