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Mono out - livesets
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Author Mono out - livesets
Hello there,

how do you do it when you play livesets? Do you just keep it mono or do you use stereo mixer?

All the videos on YouTube, are they just mono recordings?

Depends on where I am. If I have provided and set up the sound system, I'll do stereo or even quad. If someone else is in charge of the sound I'll give them two channels with a mono feed. There are just too many ways a multi channel balance can get screwed up. Most permanent PAs are mono, even if they have two speaker stacks. If you try to separate them, the audience on the right will hear nothing of the left. And you will not be able to hear what is going on at all.
I see! I see!

I now use an a138b as the endout of my system. Either I plug in my earphones or plug it into my boxes. So I actually have one channel in the end.
But if I want to make it right right I would send all my modules into a mixer to contribute them to L and R?

This is stereo obviously! Can you tell me how it´s done?
myrtha wrote:

This is stereo obviously! Can you tell me how it´s done?

Looks like he has a small mixer to the left of his rig. I use a Small Mackie to give me a balanced output. The standard Euro signal is too hot for the Mackie line inputs, but the mic/line inputs can handle it. Or you can use a simple resistive attenuator on your output lines.
Got it!
Another thing to save for! Mr. Green

Thank you, Pelsea!
If it's just one output, I set the pan of the mixer (yeah, an outboard mixer, I've used various, Mackie, Behringer) to the centre and give the main board two outs for the left/right... Or, it goes through a DI box to the main mixer and I tell the engineer it needs to be panned centre so that it goes out to PA alright.

I'm doing stereo these days though, through the Rosie. Morphagene, Clouds or the Pico DSP plugged into the stereo channel on the Rosie and two mono sources in the A and B.

Just made a bunch of passive utilities to make my life easier, one stereo mixer, one mono mixer and one attenuator box! Super quick and dirty, didn't even measure the enclosures properly before drilling holes in them, but the stereo has the left and right channels normalled if no input on the right, there's a bit of bleed in these but meh, these are passive boxes that I built in a day so I don't care much! Makes life quite simple though!

Way back when I ran sound I was taught that mono was always the way to go live. The reason was that if you pan the guitar (or whatever) to one side of the room that folks on the other side won't hear it; if you want to fill the room with a good mix then mono is the way to go.

However there are venues that lend themselves to a great stereo or quad mix, and there's nothing like making stuff swirl around in someone's head... that's the way I would want to do a live show had I the opportunity!

I don't know that there's any one size fits all answer...
I see.
A friend of mine asked: "Won´t the bd eat up the snare when you send out everything on one channel in mono?"

But thats what I do for now. My end of the line is my A138b, no mixer past that.
Your kick can eat the snare, if they hit at the same time, there's no compression to control relative levels, and you slam the kick in hard, as is typical in EDM.

There are a few solutions.

One is to balance the kick and snare manually.

One is to use some kind of compression, especially parametric, to force the kick to give the snare some room.

One is to offset their timing slightly, so that the snare's transient doesn't hit at the exact same time as the kick's.

One is to use EQ to make sure that they have identifiably different personalities in your spectrum, while not being so loud that the one can clobber the other anyway.

I'm sure there are other, more sophisticated options, but those are the few that immediately spring to mind. I happened to see in his delivery that deadmau5 suggests offsetting the timing of kick and snare.
one can do the main mix in mono as usual, and still add some effect sounds in stereo or for more speakers.

Electronic music can profit from multi-speaker distribution, and I would try to get at least a quad system for a performance. It is possible, just more complicated to setup. Also, in electronic music the line between effect sounds and main mix doesn't have to be defined clearly. A piece can consist of effect sounds only, and of their movement in the room.
myrtha wrote:
I see.
A friend of mine asked: "Won´t the bd eat up the snare when you send out everything on one channel in mono?"

In a word, no. As long as your BD sound and snare sound occupy different frequency ranges (like a real BD and snare drum), listeners' ears will easily differentiate them and both will be heard just fine, even if they happen at the same time. The bass drum won't mask the snare drum — unless they both occupy nearly the same frequency range (which would mean that you really have 2 bass drums or 2 snare drums, not one of each).

Even with a stereo sound system you always want to run all your bass instruments in mono so they will be reproduced by all of the sound system's speakers, not just those on the left or right channel.

Since the human ear is so much less sensitive to bass sounds than it is to mid and high sounds, bass sounds require much more power to be heard equally. So you always want to use all of the sound system's speakers for the bass, and that means running all your bass instruments in mono.
Ideally, think of your gig as a sound installation. Whats your vision for what that would be? This would be gig specific, like if you can get in the night before and rig everything up vs whipping it together cuz you go on after the comedian is done...
It all depends on the expectaions as well. Are you doing a dance party or some drones or experimental. What is required of your music?
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