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The Joy of a Calibrated R-55
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Author The Joy of a Calibrated R-55
Yes Powder
When using the R-55 for tonal music, my previous methods were either controlling it with an unquantized sequencer like the René, or running a waveform from a V/Oct oscillator controlled by my keyboard into the R-55.
This is the first time I've had it calibrated well enough to use the Hz/V output from my Doepfer A190-4 to control it reasonably within 12TET scaling.

The main signal chain is R55 > R53 > R57-1 > RK6 > R57-2 > R56.
The R56 Mix output is set to dry, and goes directly to Audio In 1 of my Scarlett 2i2.
The R56 Wet Only output is sent to my Zerosum Inertia Voltage Controlled Annihilation and then my R54, before going to Audio In 2. (I also added a stereo-spread effect to this channel via Logic.)

The bass and lead/drone are both from my S-2000.

Reverb is the PTVerb algorithm bundled with Logic.

My Dumb Voice™ supplied by me.

SlayerBadger! that is damn nice. Any way we can post it on FB?

(and my back is still hurting)
Yes Powder
If you want, please do!

Hope your back feels better soon!
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