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[SH-1oh1] Request - Better Control for Slower LFO Speeds
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Author [SH-1oh1] Request - Better Control for Slower LFO Speeds
Seaweed Sound
The manual says the slowest LFO speed is 0.12 Hz (~8 seconds per cycle).

In practice with minimum settings on the internal LFO (Coarse=0, Fine=0) on my unit it is ~2 seconds.

Can there be better control over slower LFO speeds? Maybe a LFO low/high range switch?

The way the Coarse/Fine interact seems odd. With Coarse=0 and Fine=127 it's already into audio rate modulation.

I'm trying to get slow PWM from the stock LFO and slow filter modulation from the software LFO for evolving sequences etc.
Thanks for reporting this, should of course be like in the manual. My guess is that a later update changed the LFO update rate and thus the minimum speed. Will look into this and publish a fix.
Seaweed Sound
If it helps I'm running v1.04. I'm hoping it could be made to go even slower than the 8 seconds listed in the manual.
Seaweed Sound
Perhaps this could be tackled during MC-2oh2 development (assuming similar LFO code?)
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