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Where to buy 200e System 7?
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Author Where to buy 200e System 7?
Does anyone know where one can buy a complete 200e System 7?
You should be careful when ordering a system 7.

The term system 7 is kind of outdated and most shops don't use it anymore, which is why you will only find it at a limited amount of dealers for it on the internet.

If you want to get exactly that configuration, go for it.
However, a couple of modules like the 252e or the 257e where not even available back at the time and some modules had a very different price tag.

For such a big system you will only get a limited amount of different timbres as some of the modules inside are redundant. Maybe you would want to have at least one 259e instead of 4 261e oscillators. Even though it's a cool module, maybe one 291e triple morphing filter would be enough for your needs. Maybe a 296e could add something nice to the table as well...

To get even more space for 200e modules you could also get a 3 panel passive frame for the 223e touch surface and use it externally.

There are a lot of options and personally I think they would make more sense than getting a rather outdated system configuration.

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