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Planning my first skiff expansion for the Mother 32 + DFAM:
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Author Planning my first skiff expansion for the Mother 32 + DFAM:
Hey guys, let me know what you think about this little skiff I've planned. I'm thinking of this as a less fun more utility skiff and then eventually building a second one that will have some more interesting/exciting modules (thinking a pressure points and maybe a metropolis or something). I didn't include it in the plan because it's not that essential but I'll probably end up getting a 'The Great Destroyer' and some form of reverb or delay as well.
did anyone respond/ have advice? I'm working on the same setup...

I'm using an old Mackie mixer as my main outs to the PA and some old guitar pedals as my fx loop which is why i added the I/O (for now)

PICOs are for extra drums and samples (am I correct that you can add any sample you want?)

the pamula's workout is for timing everything together and also added LFO's, Should I get the expansion?

Not sold on the Echophon just yet because it takes up alot of HP for a mono delay

have you made any progress?
You don't have any real utilities or VCAs for CV modulation.
This is the rack that I am currently building. I am hoping to finish assembling it this weekend.

MS Row Power 40, 2hp Pluck, Maths, Veils, Disting Mk4, and Clouds.

So this is a super late reply but I think this topic has been brought up a lot so might as well actually keep updating the thread so people can see what worked for me/didn't. This is where I'm at currently (don't have the triatt yet but it's next on my list of things to buy):

I've taken this setup out 3 times now for live sets with my band. I've slowly started engaging with the performance aspects of the rig (usually playing leads on the mother 32 and having some slow modulation interacting with the DFAM to keep the sequence somewhat interesting. I'll say I feel like a lot of complaints with the DFAM and Mother 32 as far as sounding one dimensional is a decent price to pay when the accessibility of those sounds is so immediate and easy to patch. The DFAM has turned into a bit of a panic button where I can throw together a little patch and a sequence that ends up sounding somewhat "right". As of now the other fun trick I use quite often (though I've yet to incorporate live) is using Ears to bring audio into the modular and the 2hp VCA (opened and closed by function) as a sort of pseudo-sampler. Really fun just having the VCA let in audio at somewhat musical intervals.

Hope people keep sharing their skiffs and let me know if you have any other cool tricks![/img]
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