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Problem with Korg KR-55B
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Author Problem with Korg KR-55B
I tried to enhance my KR-55B with uniPulse but I think unfortunately I have broken the machine :(

Everything works beside the bassdrum, that is just gone. Even when I play with KR-55 sequencer and even when I detach uniPulse.

On the first pin of the H2 header on the sound PCB I expect incoming triggers from the sequencer, but I read a steady 14.5 V. The other H2 pins have 5V and I think they go down to 0V if triggered.

Strange thing is when I trigger that pin with uniPulse there is a rumble and other instruments are triggered like the hihats which are on a different header...

May be there is a defect transistor or IC on the control board from static or an uniPulse trigger with too high voltage?
It's not my proudest moment, but has anybody an idea or can recommend a repair service in Berlin?
Also if I switch the clock out slider on the back to BD there is no output. The other output trigger modes are working.
update: solitud is bringing the KR-55B to our shop for diagnosis ...
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